NLP Coaching and how to Preframe your Clients for Better Results

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When I used to coach regularly I had a reputation for getting results super-fast, powerful and I had a full book of clients without really working at it. There is a trick to it that I will explain in this article. And by the way this works for any client based work whether coaching, training, hypnotherapy and even consulting.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP is a term used for a body of knowledge that has many different applications and seems to be all things to all people. Most of this has come about because NLP is an unregulated, ill-defined and fractionated market. This means many people, including myself can define it however you want. The difference between me and some of these other … Read More

The More You Fail The Closer to Success You Become

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This article is about a particular accelerated learning technique that can dramatically improve your ability to use hypnotic language patterns. And as a bonus you will get to learn another fun and easy to use language pattern. Try Before You Buy I’ve seen a lot of people fall in to an interesting double bind in many different learning situations. Some … Read More


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How to Completely Fail as an NLP Coach

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I only take on a few coaching clients every year and have dramatically scaled down my coaching practice over the years. The truth of the matter is I am not very good at it. This article is why I suck at coaching and how you can avoid the problems that I have.


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Deconstructing Hypnotic Language

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A little while ago I posted an article. Below is student’s deconstruction of the article. I suggest before looking at this great deconstruction have a read of the article first. You can click through and read it here. This will give you some idea of how much hypnotic persuasion you can put into a relatively small article.