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WARNING: Many NLP and Hypnosis Trainers can’t or won’t train you to unleash the power of Covert Persuasion Skills “Do you want the skills to: Command attention Get people to say yes, Generate more business but struggle with confusing, theoretical and downright unworkable hypnotic persuasion techniques?”  “What if you could get into the mind of an Internationally Acclaimed Best Selling NLP Persuasion Skills Author and download his … Read More

How to Charm the Pants of Anybody

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Have you noticed that people with charm, presence and charisma get what they want more often than people that are rude, nasty and aggressive? I don’t think that is always true but what I can say from experience is the former get more consistent results and have better reputations, friends and referrals. This article contains some of the golden rules … Read More

Covert Hypnotic Seduction and NLP Language Examples

Below are three examples of specific NLP language patterns in three different contexts. The first is an example of using covert hypnosis to start a training course, the second is about hypnotic seduction and the third is for networking in a business context.

Advanced Persuasion Skills and NLP Language Patterns

“NLP Persuasion Trainer Finally Releases the Secrets to Powerful Covert NLP Persuasion Skills …” Master the Keys to Covert Hypnosis, NLP Language Patterns and Psychological Persuasion That Even NLP Masters Are Scrabbling To Learn All it takes is ten minutes a day in the comfort of your own home to unlock your potential and get what you want out of … Read More

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“NLP Training Courses – Giving You the Tools to Create Big Changes for Yourself & Others In Real Life Situations” Unlock Your True Potential Using Powerful NLP Strategies To Create Huge Results, Fast. We use leading edge psychological techniques such as Accelerated Learning, NLP and Hypnosis in all of our courses to deliver you the best results in the quickest … Read More

Advanced Persuasion Skills Patterns

“Imagine a brilliantly compelling headline that just draws you in and makes you just want to read more…” What if you could have that sort of persuasive power in every area of your life? Well You Can! Unlock your true potential by using Hypnotically Persuasive Language and NLP Linguistic Patterns in a easily digestible weekly format From the Desk of: … Read More

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“How to become more conversational with hypnotic persuasion…” Lesson 9 Using Coversational Covert Hypnotic Influencing Techniques… The big thrust this week is becoming more conversational with your NLP persuasive language. Before we get to that there are a few points worth clearing up from last week. Some of you have pointed out that we are not doing much about non … Read More