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“Using NLP Language Patterns in the Real World for a Result…” Conversation Management with NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns for a Change… Extracts from The Persuasion Skills Black Book Examples of Conversations Management Techniques Do you remember the last day of school summer term? The teacher would let you bring your games in and you could play all day. You would … Read More

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“I invite you to notice the power of awareness patterns…” Lesson 4 one of the little known and most powerful Covert NLP Patterns you can learn… This week we will have a look at awareness patterns and how powerful they can be. These patterns are some of the simplest and easy to use, but once you understand how to use … Read More

NLP Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How You Can Achieve More In The Next 12 Months Than You Have In The Past 12 Years…” Unlock Your True Potential Using Powerful Hypnotic and NLP Strategies To Create Huge Results, Fast. Why Train with The NLP Company? This is really two questions in one. The first is why train in NLP and the second is why  go on … Read More

NLP Sales Techniques

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I was talking to a friend yesterday who told me how he completely lost trust and rapport with a company that he was just about to spend money with.

Jedi Questions and NLP Poker Playing

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As you may have read I have been practicing with some really cool new persuasion ideas from Judy Rees. Last night I took the opportunity to try out Judy’s Lazy Jedi Questions in one of the most difficult persuasion environments I can think of, namely a poker table.