Why Train NLP with The NLP Company?

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This is really two questions in one. The first is why train in NLP and the second is why go on one of our NLP training courses. There are a lot of good articles on what NLP is and why people should train in it. To really know how a course would benefit you I would need to know something … Read More

NLP Techniques, Decision Making with Time Line

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So you’ve got some new ideas, goals and plans for the weeks, months and years ahead. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’, so in this short article we are going to discover some Master-Keys to achieving effective outcomes.

NLP Business Applications – Persuasion Tactics

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It is one thing to use NLP Techniques to build great programmes and projects that can create serious results, but often it is key individuals that will either make or break a project. Particularly when dealing with culture change you need all your influential managers working for you. Sometimes this can be a challenge, particularly if they are senior to … Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Advanced Language Patterns

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words have power with related word cloud hand drawing on whitebo

A big area of NLP is all about how we use language from a hypnotic perspective. If you are already a practitioner or master practitioner you might have had the experience of learning all the jargon, forms and patterns and not really knowing how to put it together in a meaningful way.

NLP Sales Process, Deconstructed

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Diversity Business People Sale Marketing Strategy Concept

Here is version of my Sales Process with some of the elements of NLP deconstructed. I hope by reading through this you can get some ideas of your own and it demonstrates where and how elements of NLP can be integrated into a sales process.