Getting Real Results using NLP Techniques

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Have you noticed just how much NLP stuff that is out there that is high level theoretical junk that is difficult to apply? This article is about just how easy it is to get really solid results from NLP persuasion techniques when you ground it down to a direct application. Here is the story of John and how he got … Read More

Places Now Available on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course

Hurry there are Places Available for the most comprehensive Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Course on the Internet but only for a short time   [COUNTDOWN] SAMPLETEXT “The issue isn’t how many embedded commands I got in but the results it created… TEN times my normal response” Sent: Thursday To: Rintu From: James Subject: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Rintu, I had to write … Read More

Advanced Persuasion Patterns FAQ


“Everything You Wanted to Know About the Most Comprehensive Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Course On the Internet But Were too Tranced Out to Ask”

Anchoring Secrets Revealed

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Recently someone emailed me with questions on anchoring. This article shows a short video clip that demonstrates a perfect anchoring situation and the impact it has.

NLP Anchoring for Fun, Sex and Profit

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I received an email from a guy studying the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. In the email he outlines a pretty cool anchoring exercise that got a great result. In addition there is a brilliant perceptual shift that Bill puts in his email that almost guarantees massive results from your persuasion related activities.

How to Charm the Pants of Anybody

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Have you noticed that people with charm, presence and charisma get what they want more often than people that are rude, nasty and aggressive? I don’t think that is always true but what I can say from experience is the former get more consistent results and have better reputations, friends and referrals. This article contains some of the golden rules … Read More

Covert Hypnotic Seduction and NLP Language Examples

Below are three examples of specific NLP language patterns in three different contexts. The first is an example of using covert hypnosis to start a training course, the second is about hypnotic seduction and the third is for networking in a business context.

NLP Training Courses in Glasgow Scotland, UK

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