NLP Covert Seduction Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How to become more conversational with hypnotic persuasion…” Lesson 9 Using Coversational Covert Hypnotic Influencing Techniques… The big thrust this week is becoming more conversational with your NLP persuasive language. Before we get to that there are a few points worth clearing up from last week. Some of you have pointed out that we are not doing much about non … Read More

NLP Covert Persuasion Training, Lesson 8, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How to start putting it all together using scripts…” Lesson 8 Covert Hypnotic Influencing Scripts to Accelerate Your Progress… This week we are going to focus on putting all of these patterns together in to a few paragraphs and scripts so that next week we can turn them into conversations. The idea being that I am going to train you … Read More

NLP Influencing Course, Lesson Three

“Deleting and Adding to the Thoughts of Others…Lesson Three on Hypnotic Influence.” Using Simple words to increase your influence over others. Not that I want to forment teenage rebellion but here is a great pattern from a guy on this list to his parents, slightly edited from the original: “I agree you want me home by ten o’clock and that … Read More

NLP Influencing Skills, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“Learn the Master Keys to Hypnotic Influence and NLP Persuasion Skills through our ten week eCourse…” Make a significant difference to your persuasion skills in minutes from subscribing A good NLP Practitioner Course is the way to learn key persuasion skills, but if you want a real easy way to master some essential keys then consider booking on our free … Read More

Hypnotic and NLP Influencing Skills Lesson 7, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How excited would you get if you learned how to use questions to lead people the way you want them to go?…” The Secret to Hypnotic Persuasion…ask them to think the way you want them to think… We have a lot to cover so let’s just leap boldly straight into the lesson for this week. We are going to cover … Read More

Covert NLP Language Skills Lesson 5, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“Pacing and Leading, a Doorway to Unconscious Persuasion…” Implanting hypnotic assumptions in to the heads of others through pace and lead statements. Sitting at your computer, reading these word means you are ready for this lesson that is all about pacing and leading and is an extract from Persuasion Skills Black Book. The Persuasion Skills Black Book can be downloaded … Read More

Covert NLP Business Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“Using NLP Language Patterns in the Real World for a Result…” Conversation Management with NLP Hypnotic Language Patterns for a Change… Extracts from The Persuasion Skills Black Book Examples of Conversations Management Techniques Do you remember the last day of school summer term? The teacher would let you bring your games in and you could play all day. You would … Read More

NLP Covert Persuasion Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“I invite you to notice the power of awareness patterns…” Lesson 4 one of the little known and most powerful Covert NLP Patterns you can learn… This week we will have a look at awareness patterns and how powerful they can be. These patterns are some of the simplest and easy to use, but once you understand how to use … Read More