Advanced Persuasion Skills and NLP Language Patterns

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Black Book Affiliate Program

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NLP Training Courses in Glasgow Scotland, UK

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NLP Master Practitioner Training Course For Trainers & Coaches, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“NLP Master Practitioner Course – Giving Trainers and Coaches the Tools for Powerful Professional Development” Unlock the true potential of NLP and Hypnosis in a Coaching and Training Environment The Worlds Only NLP Master Practitioner Course designed specifically for Trainers and Coaches. As a trainer you will leave the course with: Three new trainer states that you can slip into … Read More

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Confidence Building Presentatons Skills Training Course

“NLP Presentation Skills, Unleash the Power of NLP and Hypnosis for Groups” Using covert methods for creating lasting results for groups A four-day course about using hypnotic principles in presentations. Why Should I Go On This Course? How would you feel if you were asked to fill in for a daylong presentation in front of hundreds of people at a … Read More

Advanced Persuasion Skills Patterns

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NLP Persuasion Skills

“An Extract from The Persuasion Skills Black Book…” Unleash your persuasive power through simple NLP Language The following is an extract from The Persuasion Skills Black Book, the one eBook to give you simple but powerful NLP Persuasion Techniques in a quick and easily used format.

NLP Covert Seduction Training, Glasgow, Scotland, UK

“How to become more conversational with hypnotic persuasion…” Lesson 9 Using Coversational Covert Hypnotic Influencing Techniques… The big thrust this week is becoming more conversational with your NLP persuasive language. Before we get to that there are a few points worth clearing up from last week. Some of you have pointed out that we are not doing much about non … Read More