Eating Lentil Sandwiches for Personal Development

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Over the last few years there has been a lot said about the law of attraction that is just the most ludicrous, dumbed down bunch of nonsense being sold to desperate beige cardigan wearing lentil sandwich eating tree huggers with more money than sense. Here are some ideas of what is really going on and how you really can attract things in to your life.

Style over Substance

lentilMost of what is said about things like the Law of Attraction and its ilk has to do with marketing. The bit about ancient wisdom being kept secret from the world is all part of the sacrity hpe and hot button pushing that marketers (yes including myself) do. The ideas carried by this new age movement seem to suggest that just by thinking the right thoughts you will attract the things you want in to your universe.

There is some truth in what is being espoused but that truth is generally dumbed down to the point of stupidity. Imagine if a process of thinking in the right way is all you had to do to get everything you wanted out of life. Wouldn’t this be a great thing to learn?

What has happened is that a bunch of very clever marketers have latched on to some great personal development material, boiled it down and simplified it to sound bite level. This makes it an easy sell to desperate people that are seeking a solution to their problems.

Accountability for Your Life

Unfortunately, the bad news is there is more to it than it. Fortunately the good news is I am just about to give you the concept in full that will allow you to attract anything you want in to your life. The down side is that you actually need to do stuff that is a lot beyond wishful thinking.

But First Some Theory

Have you met those people that just seem to always get the breaks, everything they want just seems to automatically flow towards them whether it is the dream date, the perfect job, a great car or a big house? Some people just walk in to these things and others, like me, have to work really hard to get any of it. There is a reason why this happens.

I’ve often been told that I am a natural at language patterns, that I am really clever at training these ideas and the one that annoys me the most…I have a gift. People that say these things don’t recognise the hundreds of hours and the thousands of pounds I have paid to acquire this “gift”. And that does not include the energy taken to overcome the fear of looking stupid by stepping outside my comfort zone. They only see the results.

But here is the real secret. I also don’t recognise all the stuff I’ve been through to get here. I just did it because it felt right, I enjoyed doing it…it was just fun. And when I had a proper job I would spend my free time and money going on courses because that was better than a holiday to me.

Think on the idea for a moment. I know that you are similar. I bet you are a natural at walking…almost like it was a gift…something you were born to do. And I suspect you don’t recognise the amount of time, effort and energy it took to get you there. The constant bumping in to things. The falling over and getting up just to fall over again.

What has this got to do with the Law of Attraction?

Well let’s assume that the people that are getting everything that they want in their life are actually doing something to make that happen. I am then going to split those types of people in to two groups; those that do it naturally and those that have learned to do what works. Either way by close attention and modelling you can find out what it is they are doing – and if you replicate it you will get the same results.

Here is one personal example. Before I had accidentally written an international best selling book I thought just writing a book would be a long and painful process. I accidentally stumbled in to a way of doing it. And now that I have done it I have realised just how easy it is that I have mentored five published authors with another three well on the way. It has to do with two things The way that I changed my thinking from believing it was hard to knowing that it is easy. And then acting on the new belief.

One Process for Attracting What You Want

The reality is the things you attract in to your life happen because of the actions that you take, the people that you associate with and the environment you live in. When you change these things you will change the things that you attract in to your life. And then to add to that concept your actions are based on your thoughts.

So here is a simple process for actually using the law of attraction:

    1. Think about what you want – the more specific you can picture this the better
    2. Ask yourself the question, “Who do I have to be to attract these things in to my life?”
    3. Answer that question in terms of values, beliefs and behaviours
    4. Start acting as if those beliefs, values and behaviours are true for you
    5. The more you can do this, the more you will start to automatically get the things that you want.

The Key Distinction

Some people set goals to acquire things. It could be actual things like a car or perhaps experiences like an extreme holiday even maybe a qualification or skill. If you cannot automatically acquire the goal then something in your life has to change for you to get it. As soon as you make the change the things that you want will start to automatically come in to your life.

A Worked Example

Let’s say you have set a goal to get a bigger house and what is stopping you is that you don’t have enough money. Now if you were to start thinking about who you would have to be to have more money you might start to think about your relationship with money.

It might be that an easy route to more money would be to get a promotion or a change of job. If this were the case you could start thinking about what skills you would have to display to be more attractive to a prospective employer or for promotion at work.

Then the trick is to get the skills and start demonstrating them. Just by thinking at this level you will start bringing more of what you want in to your life. But it does require you to think in particular ways and then to start taking action as a result.

It is possible that you start having to think more deeply for example, are you good enough for the promotion, do you deserve to have the house, what do you believe you have to pay to get the new skills. All of this sort of stuff can be worked on simply by thinking about what would be the most useful belief to have, how would you be acting if you had it and then start acting as if the new belief is true until you suddenly realise that it is because you are automatically attracting the right stuff in to your life.

Personal Development Without the Fluff

On the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course we develop the tools so you can quickly learn skills, change beliefs and create an attitude that is linked to getting the things you want out of life. We just do it in the context of learning persuasion skills. And give you the inside track on how you can overtly or even covertly do this with others as well. The other morning one of the girls in my local coffee shop told me that after years of not thinking she was good enough had suddenly enrolled on a degree course. She told me it was because of some of the conversations we had while she made my coffee in the mornings. How cool would it be to have that skill? I give you all the tools on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course.

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