Live Today Like a Yesterday You Will Want to Remember Tomorrow

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The topic for today is time distortions. You can use time distortions as a pattern interrupt like the title of this article. But that is only a tiny part of how you can use these patterns. Consider our perception of time as malleable. How useful is it to be able to speed it up, slow it down, insert new things into the past and project out good things into the future as if it is already here? I’ve recently been asked about time distortion, so here is an article about it. 

istockboxIt’s About Time

Before we start we need to work out what time distortion is and what it can do for us. There is a lot of complexity in this but let’s just stay simple. Our perception of time is entirely subjective. Does time go slower when you are bored or waiting for something exciting to happen for example?

Remember those times when you are totally engrossed in whatever you were doing to the point where time didn’t exist and you were in the flow? Is that a different experience of time again?

You can obviously tell the difference between real and imaginary as well as past and future events. Have you given any thought to how you do that? Let me suggest a model where your unconscious mind just has thoughts and a good filing system that has separate folders for future, past, real and imaginary events. But what if we were able to mess with the filing system and re-file those thoughts in to different folders?

If I had the skill what could I be using it for?

Let’s think about this from three different perspectives, first as what you can do for yourself and second as what you can do with others.

For Yourself

How would it be if you could distort time so that you could slow it down or speed it up as required? Many competitive athletes from martial arts through to racquet sports, fencers and even team players like footballers use time distortion.

On the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme I give you a whole anchoring and trance script where you can develop a persuasive personality. One aspect of that personality includes being able to slow everything down to give you a better chance of reacting. Obviously this persuasion technique has a lot more things built in.

Also on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme we develop a system for going in to flow states. This state is typically described by writers, presenters and athletes where it is as if time doesn’t exist as normal and you are totally absorbed, focused and getting it done. Often presenters entering a flow state will not remember much about their presentation, just that they did a good job.

What is happening is that you are turning over getting the task done to your unconscious mind. If you have ever driven somewhere and can’t quite remember the journey…that is a flow state. This is the most efficient way that your mind can operate. On the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course we develop a system to be able to access a flow state at will.

With Others

Imagine if you could linguistically shift a person’s attention to a hypothetical future point where they have completed something you want them to do and make them feel good about it now. How good would you feel once you have realised just how simple it is to do that?

Take it the right way, I am not suggesting that it is easy or you will be able to do it automatically. What I am suggesting is that after you understand the principles and have practised a bit you will find that this is a natural way of speaking. And at that point you can look back at now as the start point where you learned how to do that.

By doing this you can start to motivate people about hypothetical future events. In my Job Hunting material we talk about questions that distort time and you can get a force an interviewer to imagine you as the ideal person doing the role. For example, “If I were performing the role well how do you see my career expanding through the company over the next five years?”

Another way of using time distortion would be to linguistically insert yourself in to someone’s past and build rapport with them as if you have known them all your life. Here is an article with a Time Scramble Pattern that does exactly that. You can click through and read it here.

The Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course covers these types of time distortion both as discreet patterns and as part of an overall strategy to gain specific results.

How Do Other People Use these Skills?

Here are a couple of ideas.

  • As a presenter imagine being able to take an audience and, just for example move limiting beliefs in to the past. And simultaneously installing more useful beliefs into the present. As well as getting them to imagine how much more successful they will be as they develop those skills.
  • A sales example might be moving the objections in to the past and attaching them to competitor products and then looking back from a future where they have had a great result from using your product or service.

How can I do learn to do this?

All of the techniques and effects we have discussed in this article are covered in full on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course. You can click through and find out more about it here:


Here is what John says about the course.

Hi Rintu.

How is everything?

Sorry to keep flattering you but I just finished the whole course again and am thinking about going through it again. I figure if I picked up so much more from 2nd time around, third time should really cement the stuff in.

By the way I have had some time recently to sample other peoples stuff- in all honesty you blow them away. Enough flattery (though true!). I was wondering if you had time can you shoot me a short answer. I am asked a lot to speak by wedding celebrations and engagement parties where the focus is less on presenting information people don’t know, than to say nice things about the bride and groom spiced with humor. I have been practising 4mat and was wondering how you would structure it for such occasions.

By the way I naturally use charisma patterns everywhere! I spoke at a wedding celebration recently and used the charisma pattern and a few sensory based language patterns.

The bride came over afterwards and gushed that it was magnificent, as did many other guests!

A great feeling!

All the best



Click through and find out more here:



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