Who do you want to be next year?

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I wrote this article a few years ago and the technique I demonstrate is so powerful it is worth a reshowing. If you struggle at this time of year with the whole goal setting thing here is an alternate view.

At this time it is usual for people to look back, review the year and look forward to the year ahead. The blogs, forums and community sites are full of goal setting, resolutions and manifesting advice. I thought I would give you something a little different and a lot more useful.

A NLP Technique to Boost Your Success Rate

The technique I am going to share with you today I use regularly myself and it has been instrumental in helping me with a presentation worth $8 million when I had previously only worked on deals less than a tenth of that value. It has helped me changed my identity several times over, cope with fear, loss and grief as well as help me to build several successful businesses. But all of this is nothing in comparison to what this technique can do for you. Let me explain.

Are you thinking of doing something new next year?

I’m not talking about visiting a new restaurant nor seeing a new movie…Are you planning to do something significant next year? If you are I suspect you will, like me be a little apprehensive, possibly worried or even scared about the venture. Mix in some nervous anticipation and possible excitement and you have the right sort of recipe for a great endeavour. If you are in this area then the technique I am going to share with you will sky rocket your chances of success to the point where you will probably aim higher, go further and achieve more than you could have reasonably expected.

This works with resolutions as well although I think most resolutions are great vehicles to beat yourself up for not meeting unreasonable expectations. Before we properly get into the technique let me share with you why I personally think this is one of the most valuable techniques I have ever developed.

My Personal Hang-Ups in 2010

As I write I am sat on the roof of my family home in Kolkata. I have just sat in peace and contemplation reviewing the last year and thinking about the year ahead, much like other people at this time.

This year has been a success and I know it could have been three or four times bigger and better. The problem has been me. To be even more successful I have to be different and for most of this year I have been hesitating to make the changes. Let me give you one specific example.

For my business to expand I need to hire some people and let go of control. I like the personal touch, so I answer my emails and I also need to recognise spending several hours a day responding to emails is not going to grow my business. Do you want me to create more products, videos, articles and books? The reason you don’t have this from me is because I am constantly answering emails, Facebooking and Tweeting. It is time for me to hand this and many other tasks to someone else.

But as much as I want to let go of these things I haven’t. This might be because I have a fear of letting go of control, it might be because I have a value that says the personal touch is important. I might be staying in my comfort zone because not changing is easier. And there may be a lot more reasons, but the simple fact is I have to be different to allow this change to happen. And this is just one small part of the changes I need to make.

Creating the Life You Want

If there are things you want to achieve you will need to face the idea that you need to change. This might be learning new skills; it might be changing some beliefs, examining your motivations or behaviours to find the leverage to change your results. Whatever is the case the changes need to occur in you before the results appear on the outside. In my example I need to spend my time differently before my business expands.

In the video below I will lead you through a technique where you can examine what you need to change and then work out how to change it.

This is a cut down version of a deep trance identification and modelling concept that is fully explored on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course. As part of this course you get to understand the this model for the basis of personality and how you can use that to motivate yourself and others to change dramatically.

Empowerment or a Big Book of NLP Techniques

  • Now you have this technique and can put it to use what would you consider more powerful, a big book of techniques or the ability to create techniques as and when you need them?
  • Would you rather have to work from a book telling you an author’s process for what works for them or would you like to be able to work from core principles and make up techniques to suit you, the situation and the result that you want?

If your answer to each question is the second then The Advanced Persuasion Patterns programme will give you the mindset, processes and ideas to create your own hypnotic patterns to motivate people to do what you want and then thank you for the privilege. Click through if you want to discover more about this comprehensive hypnotic persuasion skills course.

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