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“The issue isn’t how many embedded commands I got in but the results it created… TEN times my normal response”

Sent: Thursday
To: Rintu
From: James
Subject: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou


I had to write and tell you about this. I have been studying NLP for about five years and am a Master Practitioner. I subscribed to your course ( Advanced Persuasion Patterns – Rintu) because I have never been quite comfortable with NLP Language Patterns beyond the basics.

I got lesson five the one about embedded commands last week just before I was due to give a talk. Anyway I just read the notes and suddenly realised how easy embedded commands are. For fun I worked out hundreds of patterns I could throw into my talk. It took me about half an hour.

When I got there I remembered what you said about the difference between practice and doing so I didn’t deliberately attempt to use any embedded commands into my language…but it kept happening. The first couple of times it even took me by surprise but after a while I settled down and just noticed how much I was doing it.

The issue isn’t how many embedded commands I got in but the results it created I have done this talk several times, I normally get some polite interest and if I am lucky one will eventually book. Rintu, three people booked that night and I have had another seven book since…TEN TIMES my normal response.

The only thing I did differently was read and practice a few embedded commands. And I’ve noticed that embedded commands are appearing as a part of my normal speech as well. After five years of studying this subject I can’t believe it is really as simple as it now seems. I am only five weeks into the course, what am I going to be like at the end of it?

Thanks again for this result.


– James



Introducing Advanced Persuasion Patterns

A downloadable internet based programme that takes leading edge NLP, Hypnosis and Psychological Persuasion Techniques; strips away the jargon, theory and complexity giving you regular bite size chunks that you can directly apply to every aspect of your life.

Here are a few of the things you will be able to do by the end of the course:

 Bypass conscious resistance to win arguments before they have even begun

 Bind values to your needs so you can motivate people to do what you want them to do

 Install confidence anchors to give yourself and others the freedom to do what you want

 Create charisma patterns to get yourself noticed with the people that matter

 Use rapport binds to grow your professional networks, circle of friends and social life

 Satisfy needs at a deep emotional level to develop stronger more meaningful relationships

 Elicit powerful emotions and use them to make any date a perfect experience

 Create strategies to redirect thinking so people will focus on exactly what you want to tell them

 Use belief change patterns to get people to believe in you, your product or anything else you want them to believe in

 Make up TimeLine Language patterns to destroy limiting beliefs, negative emotions and past decisions to increase your self-esteem, get more done and have more fun

 Negotiate using special awareness patterns to move beyond objections and get people to realise the benefits of your ideas

 Create training formulas to install good habits, repeat patterns of behaviour and better results with training groups, coaching clients and your children

 Manage people using personality profiles so they are more satisfied, better motivated and creating more results

 Sell to people using NLP Language to blow out objections, attach positive emotions to your product and destroy any opportunity for buyer’s remorse

 Here is what you get

24 Modules including over 12 hours of video and well as audio and written lessons designed to boost your persuasive ability through the roof. Each module has actionable material that you can use right from the moment you first see it through to tips on how to practice, develop and refine your skills over time.

You also get free upgrades for the lifetime of the course.


“For me, the course has been life changing”

Hi Rintu,

I just listened to Lesson 24 and I know it sounds silly but I almost cried. I truly enjoyed just listening to the lessons and as I am reviewing them am taken by the genius of your presentation method and of course the material. For it to come to an end is somewhat depressing.

For me, the course has been life changing just from the perspective of what is possible if (when) I reach the level of unconscious competence, and simply recognizing that this stuff really works!

In addition I would like to thank you for your help and personal replies and may I dare say friendship- it has been my honor getting to know you and learn from you. I will surely stay in touch and really hope to meet you one day. All the best


– Jason




“I finished the course with loads of new and fresh ideas and applications that I put into practice from Day 1.”

I’ve observed a number of NLP Trainers in action and generally get disheartened by their ‘by the book’ approach – with little of themselves evident in what they are saying and even less focus on “what are you going to do with this?” … then there’s Rintu.

He’s the genuine article, he lives and breathes the stuff, gives you it warts and all and his training is based on practical benefits in the real world. Throughout the APP (Advanced Persuasion Patterns – Rintu), I was constantly challenged with how I would use each of the tools & strategies in my day job. Because of this I finished the course with loads of new and fresh ideas and applications that I put into practice from Day 1.

What now makes me different from other Sales Training Consultants is that I have integrated many tools, tips and techniques from Rintu and blended them into my own style. My biggest clients keep asking me back year after year because they get results from my sales courses.


– Stuart, Sales Training Counsultant




Advanced Persuasion Patterns is 100%

Remember I have deliberately put a lot of information out on the Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter and my website so you can be completely convinced that my style, delivery and my content are exactly right for you. If you are at all unsure that this is not the right course for you please do not buy as you will be depriving people that want the course the opportunity.



Option One

All in One Download

Yes! Rintu, Please Give Me INSTANT ACCESS To The Entire Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course

I understand I’ll be downloading the entire Advanced Persuasion Patterns for a one-time investment of just £147 when I act now!





Option Two

Monthly Payment Plan

Please send me each module weekly

I understand I’ll be receiving modules direct to my inbox on a weekly basis for just £29.97 every four weeks until the completion of the course.

Six payments adding up to £179.82 in total.

I also realise I have nothing to lose, since you’re generous enough to give me the first week free and I can cancel the subscription at any time just keeping the lessons I have downloaded


As soon as you sign up you will gain access to six months of weekly bite sized chunks of the most powerful persusaion skills course available on the internet. The sooner you start the sooner you can gain the skills. Do you really want to hold back your life by waiting?





PS Consider the fact that a mere £1.07 a day risk free is a small price to pay to get these skills. Soon you will be starting the lessons that are quickly going to show you how to be a Master Persuader.

PPS Remember you are only seeing this page because you are on my special list. There are only a few places available. I cannot guarantee when the spaces will be available again. If you want the course but feel you can’t devote the time to it right now the best advice would be to buy now and save the contents to go through at your leisure. This will lock you at this price and give you free upgrades for the lifetime of the course.


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