Persuasion Techniques, Making an Emotional Connection

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This article is about examples of how you can connect with your audience on an emotional level.

Using NLP Techniques to Connect Emotionally with Your Audience

A little while ago I released a 30 minute audio recording I made with Marcus Corah. The recording is about strategies you can use to make yourself more memorable. As part of that I mentioned the idea of connecting emotionally with your audience. Some people have asked for more examples so this article is about more ways of doing this.

But First the Secrets of Hypnotic Persuasion

The original audio recording has lots of great persuasion techniques, hypnotic language patterns and ideas. But the best thing about it is that it is still available for free. You can find the download link in this article about Using NLP Techniques to be more Memorable.

Once you have listened to the audio remember to leave me some feedback, it will help me to give you more focused articles and audios as well as give you an opportunity to get some great discounts on products.

Hypnotic Metaphor and Emotional Connections

Listen closely to how people speak, what their interests are and how they represent their world to themselves. Have you ever worked with people that talk in:

  • War terms (We needed to dig ourselves out of the trenches, storm the battlements and take no prisoners)?
  • Football terms (It’s a game of two halves; we need to focus on getting possession, maintaining a good offense and getting that ball into the back of the net)?
  • Jargon terms that are specific to an industry, profession or role?

By using people’s favourite metaphorical landscapes you have a direct connection to the way they represent the world to themselves. This means you have the ability to heighten the emotional context for them. I used to work for a manager who was a keen cook. Whenever I want her to really pay attention to a project or idea I would explain about, “this new recipe,” and how, “we could cook this into something everyone will want to come and taste,” and ask her if she would like me to, “put the menu together to see if we want to host this diner party.”

Would this approach work with a whole audience? To some degree it would work completely, all you need to do is get everyone onboard with the metaphor to start with. I once saw a motivational speaker whose claim to fame was that he had represented his country at the Olympic Games.

The presentation I saw him deliver was a well pitched story of his journey to becoming an Olympic athlete, through all the trials and tribulations, overcoming adversity and reaping the rewards. He used everything he had to draw the whole audience in to the story and he had us all emotionally connected to his presentation right from the start.

But what if I have Never Baked a Cake, Run a Race or Been to War?

One of my favourite TV shows is called Doctor Who. One of the reasons I love this show is because it is incredibly inventive and creative despite having many troubles throughout its long history (it is the longest running science fiction show in the world).

Amazingly many of the people now creating the show grew up with it. They are openly fans of the show. They will tell you about how the show inspired them to work in TV. How they became writers, actors, directors and the technical staff that returned to make the very show that inspired them in the first place. And now they are hoping to inspire a new generation of kids to work in the industry and create more shows. Both the history of the show and the stories told within it are all about taking what you have and creating something wonderful with it. It’s not about being the best but succeeding anyway because you are always good enough to rise to the challenge.

On the Advanced Persuasion Patterns programme you will discover how you can create dozens of metaphors every day. But more importantly you will learn how you can use those metaphors to move your audience on both a logical and an emotional level. The great thing about these metaphors is that you can hide embedded commands, restructure how people think and get people emotionally engaged in a very direct way. Click Through the link to see more about this powerful hypnotic persuasion skills course.

The Value of Values

Another way of getting your audience emotionally engaged would be to link their values to the actions that you want them to take. Values are your deep unconscious motivations and desires. Luckily they are really easy to uncover. Again luckily they are vague and abstract concepts that can easily be attached to your criteria.

For example when I am training people in a particular subject I will normally do an exercise at the beginning which is designed for the audience to uncover their own values and discover how they can fulfil more of those values through learning the material on the course. This makes the group more focused and motivated to learn.

The Advanced Persuasion Patterns programme delves extensively into how you can elicit and use values to motivate groups and individuals. Click here and find out more about this comprehensive internet based persuasion skills programme.

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