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Live NLP Training Courses

We are planning only one NLP Practitioner Training course this year. Due to Rintu’s busy schedule and it will be the only live face to face course for some time to come.

The course will run from Friday 23rd October to Saturday 31st October 2015 and is being run in collaboration with the British School of Applied Psychology.

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The cost of the course is £1200 for each delegate. An early bird discount is available and there are a restricted number of places so get in quick to avoid disappointment.


Paperback Books, eBooks and Downloadable Courses


If you are looking for NLP techniques, Influence, Hypnotic Persuasion Skills or an insight into Rintu’s unique training style we have the following products available for you to purchase.

Persuasion Skills Black Book

The “Persuasion Skills Black Book” available to buy from Amazon. The best-selling book on hypnotic language and using conversational hypnosis to get the result you want.

Persuasion Skills Black Book

  • Understand the beliefs behind other people’s thoughts, words and actions.
  • Use this information to control conversations, lead others, overcome objections and change minds.
  • Achieve all of this outside of other’s conscious awareness.

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Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Program

The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Program – Hypnotic Language Patterns are a great place to start and there is a lot more in this package that will help. If you are serious about developing great covert and hypnotic persuasion skills then this course is an excellent kickstarter.
master training programme

Available as an immediate download, this program contains:

  • A digital version of the best selling Persuasion Skills Black Book and
  • Includes video and audio presentations by Rintu that further develop the ideas and material presented in the Black Book.
  • Including information that could not be given in written form such as using your pitch, tone and pace of speech to create hypnotic states in your listener.

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Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed

Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed is the transcript of a three hour persuasion skills workshop fully transcribed and deconstructed for you. You get to learn tools and techniques along with the audience. You also get to see how those same sneaky tools are used with the audience through a blow by blow deconstruction of all the tools used.


This course has been described as an opportunity to step inside the head of a master persuader and model how he persuades his audience.

This is the most unique persuasion skills course on the internet as it teaches you on several different levels simultaneously.

If you think that this is a very advanced course you would be right. That is why The Persuasion Skills Black Book and the Black Book Master Training Program are both bundled in as bonuses.

No matter what level your hypnotic persuasion skills are at you will gain a huge amount of benefit from this course. Click through and find out more here. 

The Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting Techniques

The best selling book on using NLP and Convert Hypnotic Persuasion to work for you in getting the job that you really want.

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Hypnotic Job Interview Techniques

Fact: Current Research suggest 95% of Interview Candidates fail the interview in the first ten minutes through lack of proper preparation.

Fact: The current economic climate has created the toughest job market for years. Competition is fierce. If you are not prepared with the latest leading edge Job Interview Skills your career is on a backward slide.

With the Hypnotic Job Interview Techniques course you’ll be delivering interview performances that will have companies fighting for you to come and work with them, you’ll have a formula for creating perfect answers to every interview question on the spot.

With the Hypnotic Job Interview Techniques course you’ll be able to turn gaps in your CV and weaknesses in your experience into positive benefits your interviewer has no choice but to agree with.

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Advanced Persuasion Patterns

Advanced Persuasion Patterns – Available as a 24 week course. This programme covers the widest range of tools and techniques being practised by hypnotic persuasion skills experts everywhere.
advanced persuasion patterns

This course is only for those that want to build a wide repertoire of tools and techniques and is most powerful if you already have a solid foundation in NLP or Hypnotic Persuasion Skills.

Whilst it is not essential it is highly recommended that you study Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed before taking this course.

If you are ready to take your persuasion skills to an advanced level this course contains 24 lessons of new patterns and techniques with never before seen video presentations, audio presentations, audio interviews and written material. Click through and find out more here.