How to Build Deep Rapport in an Instant

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If you have been on this list for any length of time you have heard me speak about unconscious hellos before. Today you have the opportunity to catch a video from a true master persuader giving you the precise process so you can master this skill easily.

Instantaneous Rapport, Unconscious Persuasion and the Dark Side

But hold on, before I give you that link let me explain what is going on. I’ve been speaking to Kenrick Cleveland and he has agreed to give us a couple of amazing things. Firstly there is this Unconscious Hello video but also he has agreed to release all seven Unconscious Persuasion videos as an extra bonus for buying any Dark Side Package.

Everyone that buys the Dark Side 2 will get this incredible 7 video package valued at $549. What this means is that whichever package you buy the value of the bonuses add up to more than the cost of the course. And I think this is one of the most unique and powerful persuasion courses on the market.

To make sure everyone gets the opportunity to take up this offer we need to extend the deadline from tonight. So we are extending the deadline until midnight Monday EST because apparently there is a long holiday weekend in America. We are only doing this because of the extra bonus material so this time the deadline is final.

If you have not met the Unconscious Hello check it out as this is a simple but incredibly powerful rapport technique. If you have heard of it then check out the video because you will want new distinctions and insights into this process. Once you have been through that check out the incredible value you were getting for the Dark Side 2 and notice just how much more valuable it has become by adding the Unconscious Persuasion videos in as a late extra bonus.

Here is the link for you to watch the Unconscious Hello video.

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