Just What is Possible with Hypnosis?

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This article is about a specific incident involving some incredibly dark and nasty sides to hypnosis. If you are squeamish about these things, or don’t want to know just how dangerous hypnosis can be you might be better off not reading on.

Our story begins with the woman we will only know as Mrs E…

For reasons that will soon be obvious the courts decided to mask her identity to the public…

But had no issue revealing her puppet master (known to her as Walter Bergen), when sentenced to ten years behind bars.

Scary green eyes

And if it wasn’t for her husband, going to the police…her sexual assault, prostitution, extortion of thousands of dollars, and the attempted murder of her husband and her own suicide attempts would have continued longer than the seven years of abuse Mrs. E had faced.

An Unlucky Meeting with an Evil Man

It all started 4 years before Mrs. E and Mr. E were married. It was a chance encounter…

Mrs. E was only 17 years old and traveling on a train to see a doctor for treatment of minor stomach ailments.

She was in a compartment all alone…watching the German countryside roll by…

When Walter Bergen opened the door and sat in the seat opposite of her. Little did she know that this would be the last day she would be in full control of her actions… Her thoughts… Her life…

“I’m no longer the same person as before. Something different controls me. I don’t want to do something, but I do it…in the end I thought of nothing more than doing what Walter wanted.

(Mrs. E., quoted in Hammershiag, Hypnotism and Crime, pg. 120-121)


Walter, an expert con-artist, sized Mrs. E up, from the moment he sat down. His eyes meeting hers and locking on.

“Where are you going?”…he asked.

Mrs. E explained that she was on her way to see a doctor…to find relief for her stomach ailment.

“Well you are in luck. I am a doctor and I am qualified to treat you.”

It didn’t take long before “Dr. Walter Bergen”, tapped into her unconscious mind and hypnotized her…taking full control…

Giving her post hypnotic suggestions to hand over the money she brought with her for the doctor and to follow any other suggestions he would make in the future.

But this was only the beginning to 7 years of hell…

Falling Completely Under His Spell

Where Walter Bergen would give Mrs. E hypnotic suggestions of intense pain throughout her body. He would then be the only one who could cure her suffering…causing her to turn over thousands of dollars to him in the name of medicine.

He would use her as a love slave and then wipe blank her memory, suggesting to her that she would have amnesia of all events that took place during the time period.

And even worse…

He turned over his control of her to friends…that would pay him for her time…prostituting her out…without consent.

And when Mrs. E married Mr. E…and he become suspicious of her activities… Walter programmed Mrs. E to become an assassin and take out Mr. E.

By sheer luck, all 6 attempts on his life failed. Causing Mr. E to report his suspicions of Walter to the police… It took the police psychiatrist, Dr. Mayer, over nineteen months of daily hypnosis sessions to unravel the truth… Because of the post hypnotic suggestions of amnesia…whipping out any conscious memory of the acts done while under Walter’s control. (It is for this reason so many hypnotic crimes go unreported.)

But in the end… each horrible truth came out and Walter earned a one way ticket to where he belonged…behind bars.

How Do You Defend Yourself from This?

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is possible. The webinar I hosted with Kenrick Cleveland about the Dark Side of Hypnosis is still available to download and it explains exactly how some of this sort of thing goes on. It will be taken down soon so I think you should take a look before it is too late.

Click through and download it here


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  1. Robert McLucas

    It may seem strange, but the use of hypnotic techniques have been use to control and extort for at least hundreds of years that came be confirmed by records and many more possible thousands used by secret guilds and religious sects. Sir Conan Doyle, the originator of Sherlock Holmes of which a movie was made of the story of “The Woman in Green” Using a reflective name of a woman and a “LADY”, commonly used by writers of his era and of a elementary code turns the title initials into “GILT” or a gilt or guilt trip, which is exactly what the movie is about. Evil people have no bounds of filthy trick they can pull once they “KNOW” they can get away with them. The laws are very vague about undue influence and those who do hypnotic extortion hide behind the vague veil. Its a Wonderful life is another movie of the same level, a public “STRIP TEASE” to put George in a place the public wants.

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