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This is just a short note as my parents are up here visiting and paying me back for all those things I did to them as a wayward teenager.

Conversational Management Video

A pretty amazing thing happened today. I rarely talk about what I do with my parents as my father normally just sits there confused and usually ends up asking me when I am planning to get a proper job. Despite this I was so excited about the conversational management video I put together for Steven Burns’ launch on Thursday I started telling them about it.

As usual my father just looked confused, but my mother asked me a few questions so I explained the model to her. To my amazement she took to the idea, started playing with it right the way through the day and got us a 20% discount in the restaurant we went to this evening.

You can see the first ten minutes of this hypnotic persuasion tool here.

The full video is released on Thursday as part of The Guide to Social Confidence. You might want to have a look at this as the course Steven has put together is really impressive and he has also got a great group of people together to add bonuses. But remember the bonuses are only available for a limited time. The Guide to Social Confidence Launches on Thursday, so click here and find out more.

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