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There have been a whole slew of extras and bonuses that are available at the moment and I just wanted to make sure you have access to them all.

NLP Techniques


Next weekend I will be in London delivering Hypnotic Transformations Live with three other phenomenal hypnotists. Click through  and  find out more about Hypnotic Transformations Live.

As part of this you can hear a webinar that my three co-presenters delivered the other night. I was amazed about how far they took things in the space of an hour but between them they give away the key to almost being able to hypnotise anyone anywhere. You can still listen to the recording here.

If you are wondering why I was not involved unfortunately I was already booked to deliver a course on that very evening. As a way of an apology though I had a Skype interview with Nathan Thomas where I really deconstruct pattern interrupts and agreement frames. We cover a lot of ground in this interview but just with these two ideas you can disrupt anyone’s thought patterns and redirect them to your way of thinking. You can listen to the interview right here.

I recently presented to NLP 96, the premier Glasgow NLP Practice Group, and I have been putting a few video clips up. You can find these and loads more videos on my You Tube Channel

If you want to attend the next NLP 96 talk about accessing your Passion, Energy and Determination you can book right here:

And finally I am getting ready to travel down to London for Hypnotic Transformations Live. This will be my last live course for a while. I made a promise to myself that I will only deliver face to face courses when I had new material to deliver. I have been treading the boards delivering training at least five times this year and enough is enough. I have no plans for any live events next year and it would have to be a spectacular location or a particular crowd of people to coax me out. So if you want to experience live hypnotic persuasion skills training from me here is where you can get it.


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