Should I Buy the Dark Side 2?

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In the last few articles I have been writing about Kenrick Cleveland’s Dark Side 2. He has agreed to a limited release of the programme exclusively for my readership for the next few days. This article is about giving you the information you need to make an informed purchasing decision.

A Review of the Dark Side 2

Biases Exposed

If you have been reading my articles for any length of time you already know I am a fan. The original Dark Side 1 had a major impact on me and you can find my writing about that in various articles on my site. I believe Dark Side 2 is a significant step up from the original hence the amount of time and effort I am taking to ensure you have enough information to buy.

I occasionally get asked the question about how I can make an unbiased review if I am getting paid a commission to sell a product. The short answer is I am not unbiased. I get emails every week asking me to promote products to you. Despite sometimes being offered huge amounts of commission I turn down most of them.

Occasionally products do pass my criteria and I choose to promote them because they are excellent, provide value and are well suited to my readership. So understand I am being paid a commission, yet I would make more if I just focused on promoting my own products. However, I have chosen to endorse Kenrick Cleveland’s Dark Side 2. I believe it is one of the most powerful persuasion courses available.

However there is one thing I can’t do and that is to decide if this is the right product for you. The best I can do is provide you with the right information so you can decide this for yourself. So here is some information on the course.

Who wants to turn to the Dark Side?

Let’s start with who would benefit from a course like this. In my view everyone should know this material so that you can defend yourself from having it used against you. That said a more useful answer would be to look at certain types of people and what they might get from this course.

Anyone that has a good level of knowledge on NLP Language Patterns or Conversational Hypnosis will find a huge amount of relevant and useful material here. Unless you have been exposed to Dark Side 1 there is a lot of material you are unlikely to have met before.

I would also say a complete novice or beginner in this area will have lots of material they can go out and play with even though this is not really a course for beginners.

Dark Side 2 not only gives you a lot of patterns but also a lot of strategies that you can use. The only issue being that the course tends to assume that you already have an overall process or context for how you will use the material. Anyone that has studied persuasion to any depth will have thought their way through to some contexts and processes so they can put these patterns and concepts into place. A complete novice might struggle in this regard. That said there is a huge amount of material to play with and much of it anyone can just pick up and run with. And two of the packages on offer include Max Persuasion 2007. This is an audio recording (including pdf work book) of Kenrick’s three day persuasion seminar and should sort out those issue for the beginner.

Why turn to the Dark Side?

There are several reasons every student of persuasion might consider studying this material. The first and most obvious is you want to do something nasty to someone else. It is possible; the patterns are vicious and can be used to hurt people.

I would ask you to think differently about it and would also suggest that whatever has been done to you, responding in this way often is not a good choice. I would also tell you that there are moments that I am not proud of where I have used material like this in a harmful way. I’ve never felt good about it afterward and several times I’ve created greater pain for myself in the long run.

But as Kenrick says he is not the thought police and people are out there using this stuff on each other. Therefore I would suggest another good reason for knowing this material is to be able to defend yourself from others using it against you. If you don’t know what you are up against you won’t know how to defend against it.

For me the best reason for learning this material is for the paradigm shift. Let me suggest that certain roads of NLP and Hypnosis have been well travelled. The nature of the Dark Side material means a different way of thinking and therefore completely new perceptions on what is possible and how to use this material. Certainly when I went through Dark Side 1 it caused me to re-evaluate my thinking about the whole subject of persuasion. That can only be a good thing. Dark Side 2 by the nature of containing more depth, more strategic components and the focus on understanding means it is even more of a paradigm shift than the original.

I should put in some examples of how I have used this material so you can get an idea of how powerful, flexible and useful the Dark Side 2 is, but this review is long enough already. Here are a few links to some of my field reports on how I’ve used the material.

That should give you an idea of the range, flexibility and power of the Dark Side 2 material.

What does the Dark Side 2 contain?

The core of the product is six audio recording of Kenrick Cleveland with a small group. Each module is well over an hour long with most running at 1 hour 45 minutes. Along with each of these audios are another set of Q+A recordings to match each module. Essentially after being on the original call the group get a few days to assimilate the information, play with it and then ask questions. Kenrick then answers and debates these questions in the Q+A recordings. All of this is supported with transcriptions and a manual for each of the modules.

The meat of each module is obviously the content given out in the recordings but there is such an additional dimension that is added through the Q+As. You can probably already imagine the value of having questions answered after having time to think and the opportunity to try some of the material out.

On several occasions I wanted to deconstruct what Kenrick had been saying on the recordings and I found that easy because all of the calls are fully transcribed and supported with a written manual. Taking the information in through a variety of different means is advantageous so having the written version along with the recordings is a great bonus.

There is also a forum. It is a new programme so there are only a few members at the moment, but already there are some quality posts on it. I think this will be an extremely important part of the programme. The idea of having access to a whole bunch of people going through the material and being at different stages to help and support you is a great idea.

The other aspect of the product that I think is worth considering is your own Q+A calls with Kenrick. The best value package for the Dark Side 2 includes two Q+A group calls with Kenrick. Again I think this is a great innovation for any internet course and particularly a course of this nature. Having Kenrick live and ready to discuss, debate and explain things after you have had the opportunity to try them out is worth its weight in gold.

The core product is the six modules and the associated Q+A calls. There are then packages that include the transcriptions, live Q+A sessions and forum access. There are other bonuses and additions that are pretty impressive, for example as a favour to me Kenrick has agreed to include the Dark Side 1 as a bonus, but I am restricting this review to just the Dark Side 2.

Should I Buy?

I think this material is valuable to almost everyone. This is why I have worked with Kenrick to bring you a fantastic deal. Over the last couple of weeks I have been field testing the material and writing up articles so you can get a view of the many different ways you can use the Dark Side. The bottom line is I can give you the information and you will have to decide if this is the right thing for you.

Kenrick has done a great deal for us, but he also needs to preserve the integrity of his programme and move on. For me whilst I think Kenrick’s course is brilliant I also have my own products to promote and also need to move on. As a result this is a restricted launch. It is a great deal and it will only last until the end of Friday 1st July. Here is the link where you can buy the course now.

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