Warning: Only use these persuasive techniques in an ethical way as they are extremely powerful and can cause people to do what you want regardless of their own best interests.

“What if YOU could Unlock the Secret to get people to do your bidding and then thank you for the opportunity?”


“I would not have believed the results I now routinely get…”

Hi Rintu,

When I downloaded the course I wasn’t expecting results the same day.

I had a quick listen to the recording about voice and tone as the first thing I looked at.

Later the same day I was delivering a course and found myself using my voice differently and most importantly embedding commands into my language. By the end of the day I had the group just eating out of my hand and doing everything I asked of them.

This was before I got properly stuck into your material. I would not have believed the results I now routinely get in my classes.


– Craig

Trainer and NLP Practitioner



From the Desk of:
Rintu Basu
International Best Selling Author
The Persuasion Skills Black Book


You are only reading this page because you have been invited by one of my exclusive joint venture partners or myself. I want you to succeed in developing your covert hypnotic persuasion skills so I have put together a unique offer for the Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Course.

Instead of the regular price of $47 you can get the whole Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Package in the next four hours for the limited special offer of just $27

Persausion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme


Here are some of the ways you could use the skills from this course:

Sell more, grow your business and become hugely successful

 Gain more status, credibility and charisma with colleagues, co-workers and managers

 Date more interesting people or attract the partner of your dreams

 Build long lasting relationships and dramatically boost your social circle

 Meet new people confidently, comfortably and leave them with a lasting impression

 Lead, inspire and motivate your teams to build your vision

 Get promotions and jobs because you can persuade employers that you are the best candidate

 Raise your confidence and self esteem by using your persuasion techniques on yourself

… Or maybe you would use these skills to just make more money, have more fun and attract more interesting people into your life….

If you are interested in achieving even just one of these things then this is the most important letter you will read. I have spent half my life researching, developing and training the most effective persuasion skills known to humanity.

And now I am ready to share them with you.


“I wish you were around when I was doing my NLP Training…”

I wish you were around when I was doing my NLP Training. I can’t believe that twenty minutes reading your book put all my training in context so I can now easily use (technique edited). I finally have the confidence to properly use hypnotic language in my presentations and with my teams and the results are showing already.

– Richard

Sales Manager

Master NLP Practitioner




“The results are undeniable….”

Hey Rintu,

I appreciate the great info I’m getting from you. Your thoughts on the redefine are excellent.

I work sales in the home improvement industry. I took a couple days to script out a few common scenarios I face that are perfect for the redefine and practised them thoroughly until they sounded natural and could be delivered with the proper tone and pace.

The results are undeniable….the economy being what it is here in the U.S. and homeowners being very conservative where I live….our company has had a difficult couple of weeks. After employing your ideas I had a great week. Four sales and four happy customers last week. I’m looking forward to adding the agreement frame to the mix this week.


– Travis



“What does the Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme Contain?”

Firstly there is The Persuasion Skills Black Book which has thirty four chapters of hard hitting lessons, specific examples and applications for some of the most powerful Hypnotic Language Patterns you can imagine along with ideas, hints and suggestions on how to rapidly develop your persuasive power. It is the ideal resource for everyone that wants to improve their persuasive ability.

Here are some of the areas and ways you can apply this information immediately:

Personal Development

You can use these patterns on yourself to develop confidence, self esteem and motivation. You could calm your nerves let go of negative emotions and change limiting beliefs. Become more of who you want to be.

Chapter Twelve has ideas and suggestion on how you can use NLP Language Patterns for your own personal development

Sales and Negotiation

Get people excited about your products and services as well as feel bad about your competition. Bypass resistance and objections and keep your prospects focused on benefits. Make more sales with less effort.

Chapter Twenty Three shows you a sales process using hypnotic persuasion Skills

Business Leadership

Inspire, motivate and lead teams of people to take action on your behalf by selling the vision in powerfully hypnotic ways. Grow your business through others.

Chapter Thirty Two demonstrates how one person used these skills to massively ramp up the performance of his team.

Flirting and Dating

Reframe objections like not being the “right type” or “I don’t want to lose our friendship” and focus them into the fun and excitement of trying something new. Attract more dates than you have time to go on.

Chapter Twenty Nine is full of examples and patterns to use in flirting and dating situations.

Personal and Professional Relationships

Build long term strong relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Widen your social and business networks having people begging to spend time with you.

Chapter Twenty Four explains how you can use language patterns to make someone feel good and remember all the good times they had with you several times a day.

Trainers, Presenters and Coaches

Get groups or individuals excited, motivated and eager to change then seal their commitment to doing the work. Create more change with people with less effort.

Chapter Thirty One gives you an entire process to getting people excited and associating that feeling to specific tasks.

General Life Skills

Chapter Thirty Three illustrates how one person is using these patterns to manage a difficult boss

Chapter Eighteen demonstrates how one person made his daughter feel better when she was feeling bad about school

Chapter Ten includes how I used hypnotic language patterns to save myself from being beaten up

Chapter Sixteen has examples from teachers, employers and the specific persuasion techniques a person used to avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Job Interviews

Bypass any holes in your experience or skills, and keep the interviewer focused on the benefits of hiring you. Get the best jobs, promotions and free yourself from the fear of redundancy.

Chapter Fourteen explains a specific process to take covert control of the conversation in a job interview situation.

These are just a few thoughts; there are infinite ways to use these patterns to your benefit. Spend a few moments thinking through what you want and comparing that to the benefits you can get from my manual.

But this is much more than just a manual

Did you know that 80% of books are left only partially read by their owners. And even that is not the issue. The issue is taking this information and doing something with it. With that in mind this programme comes with powerful bonus material.

Included on the programme are video and audio presentations on:

 Dramatically improving your persuasion techniques

In this video presentation I give you a simple model and the master keys to make the development of your persuasive skills quick, simple and fun.

 Developing a persuasive voice

You can’t learn about tone, pitch and pace through a book, that’s why I demo everything you need to know about developing a persuasive voice in this audio download.

 The Secrets of Rapport

Whilst everyone talks about building rapport with others through a sequence of exercises I will show you how you can make other people build rapport with you. YES…you did read that right…How to make others build rapport with you.

 Building a persuasive personality

In this video presentation I will lead you through a major exercise that will show you have to develop authority, charm and charisma that you can turn on and off at will.

 Bypassing any Conscious Resistance

Through a series of audio and video presentations I will show you some major techniques to completely bypass any conscious resistance people might have to your ideas.


“Your course is so well structured. I feel compelled to read on and on…”

Hi Rintu,

I hope you would not mind me calling you a real master (if you consider it a flattery, then I would say you are an excellent teacher). To be specific, you made the NLP language patterns very clear and explicit and ‘digestible’. I have been doing some of them by trial and error with some success. My patients like me a lot saying that I am very nice and kind and persuasive. After reading your book, I know why I have succeeded and that means that I could improve further.

You also demonstrate by your writing that you walk what you talk. As I understand (by studying philosophy, especially Buddhist philosophy, psychology in addition to NLP), what you demonstrate is actually your deep understanding and mastery of the mind rather than the use of language alone. That’s what I admire most and I think you could not deny that.

Your course is so well structured. I feel compelled to read on and on, not, because of the hypnotic language pattern but because it is a real pleasure to keep reading and learning from you. I have actually read a dozen of books of NLP (in English or Chinese) and none of them (I mean on the topic of hypnotic language pattern) comes near to yours. They could give all the patterns and details but there is something lacking. I have the luck to meet & learn from a few masters in various discipline (philosopher, Taichi master, coach) and I have the ability to tell the difference between a good teacher and a great teacher. You are a great one in my heart.

I am inspired by you and your writing to become a good and persuasive doctor. Best regards,


– Liu (from Hong Kong)




“What Results Can I Expect from this course?”

Within a few minutes of starting to read the book you will have two incredibly flexible and powerful patterns with hundreds of ideas where you can use them.

An hour into listening to the audio presentation on using your voice you will have enough material to start embedding commands into your language.

Half way into the programme you will have a structure to covertly change people’s emotional states and bind those states. For example; they always feel happy when they see you; are compelled to start working whenever they sit at their desk or predisposed to buy your products whenever they meet you.

By the end of the course you will have the structures in place to make more money, attract more people, have more fun and get far more out of life, but specifically you will have:

  •  As a manager: ways of motivating your teams
  • As a leader: ways to inspire people to your vision
  • As a parent: ways to protect and develop your children
  • As a trainer: ways to get your classes to commit to learning
  • As a coach: ways to get your clients to build confidence
  • As a sales professional: ways to handle objections
  • As a marketer: ways to write compelling copy
  • As a social person: ways to strengthen and build personal relationships
  • As an employee: ways to manage your boss
  • As a customer service agent: ways to handle difficult customers
  • As a job interview candidate: ways to get your interviewers excited about employing you
  • As a person: ways to grow your confidence, self esteem and get more out of life.

“In short, persuasion skills are fundamental to success in life and The Persuasion Skills Black Book contains master keys to getting more of what you want out of life”

“But I could just buy The Persuasion Skills Black Book on Amazon for cheaper?”

Yes, you could, but then you would be missing out on the powerful audio and video presentations that deepen and expand your knowledge of the hypnotic persuasion skills world.

You would miss out on the specific details that can only be delivered in audio format such as how to use your pitch, pace and tone to make NLP Language Patterns powerful and compelling.

You would also miss out on the hundreds of new patterns and ideas that I couldn’t fit into the book.

And remember this is a time limited special offer. So long at there is time on the clock you can have the whole course for $27. At the time of writing the print version of just the Persuasion Skills Black Book on Amazon is $21.87 For less than six dollars more you get all the audio video material and a ton of extra patterns.

Yes! Rintu, Please Send Me the Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Persuader’s Course


I understand I’ll be getting every dirty, sneaky hypnotic persuasion skills tactic you have to offer including:

  • The Persuasion Skills Black Book as a pdf file
  • Several video and audio presentations
  • The original five week master course compiled into one pdf file

I understand that I can have all this for a tiny investment of $27 which is 40% of the normal price of the course. I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 60 day money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied in any way.


Are there any guarantees?

I can’t guarantee any specific results from my course. There are too many variables and you need to be responsible for your own development, how you apply this material and how diligently you practice. What I can say is that if you work on your skills and put in to practice you will dramatically improve your persuasive ability. That said the feedback on this course has been fantastic and I know you will be blown away with the potential results you can get. For that reason I can confidently give you this 60 day money back guarantee.

60 Day Iron-Clad 100%
Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Your success is important to me…
If you aren’t 100% happy just let me know within 60 days…
And I will promtly refund all your money.
No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple!



“This entire exciting program is available for immediate download. So you’ll be able to access it right now.”

So What’s the Catch?

All you need do is click here to request your risk-free special invitation and very soon you will be a master persuasion engineer.

Consider the fact that a mere $27 risk free is a small price to pay to dramatically enhance your persuasion skills…and you can do that right now. All you have to do is click here to be taken through to the payment page and in minutes you will have access to specific detailed persuasion tactics.

But here is the catch. The offer is only open for four hours. Once it is gone it is gone. But d0n’t worry the course will always be available on my website for the full price. So even if you don’t take advantage of the offer you will always be able to get the course later. You will just have to pay almost double for it.


You still have some time to take the opportunity to sign up for a risk free, 40% discount of The Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme and discover how you can get people to do what you want and thank you for the privilege.  All you have to do is click through this link.

Order Now button







Persuasion Skills Black Book
Persuasion Skills Black Book of Job Hunting

PS: I know some people just head straight to the post script for the summary. So this is a unique offer specifically for you. You are being offered a time limited 40% discount on the Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Training Programme.

PPS: The course includes a pdf version of the internationally best selling Persuasion Skills Black Book as well as a number of video, audio and written files that develop the themes from the book and take you through a structured course to significantly develop your hypnotic persuasion skills. All of this is available to download straight to your hard drive right now.



Yes! Rintu, Please Send Me the Persuasion Skills Black Book Master Persuader’s Course


I understand I’ll be getting every dirty, sneaky hypnotic persuasion skills tactic you have to offer including:

  • The Persuasion Skills Black Book as a pdf file
  • Several video and audio presentations
  • The original five week master course compiled into one pdf file

I understand that I can have all this for a tiny investment of $27 which is 40% of the normal price of the course. I also realize I have nothing left to lose, since you’re generous enough to offer me a 60 day money-back guarantee if I’m not satisfied in any way.


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