This Hypnotic Langauge Pattern Will Give You a Ten Times Return on Your Investment

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Over the course of the last two articles we have looked at a specific pattern, how we can create a covert trance and layer in some detailed behavioural instructions all in one go. In this article we will look at how you can apply this way of thinking in different situations.
puppetbrainBefore we begin let me just suggest the beauty and simplicity of this way of thinking. Just using the pattern allows you to displace resistance and increase anticipation.

Then giving someone instructions of what they will feel, experience or do after you do begin means you have set that frame of expectation around the situation. And then if you do this from several different perspectives you are not only inducing trance but also really starting to grind in those expectations on a deeper behavioural level.

How do you want to use your skills?

Before we start, if you haven’t read the two articles then I suggest you have a look at them first. After you have read those two articles this one will make a lot more sense and as you read this one you will find yourself thinking about lots of places you could automatically apply the concepts we have been discussing. Here are the links:

Article One about inducing deep trance quickly

Article Two about installing post hypnotic suggestions

If you have already read both articles then I suggest you might just have a quick scan through them again before you begin this one. But this time try it this way, just scan the articles rather than get into the content. You have already read the content so you can just look at this as a process. Imagine a reader and what they will have to go through to make sense of the content. Try it, you will be amazed at the difference in the quality of the information you can derive from it.

But hold on a moment, here is something you might try before the main substance of this article. Have another scan of the previous two articles. But this time you already have the content and the impact on the reader so this time I just want you to scan the article with just one thought in your head. And that is the question, “How could I use this technique?” Just scan the information with that idea in mind and notice just how much information comes your way.

Okay you might have got to this paragraph and not done any of that. I earnestly suggest that the rewards are huge if you do but a quick short cut would be to scan the information once but holding all three thoughts in mind. It won’t give you as much information but it will send you further in to trance than each exercise separately. Have a go and see how you feel about the way your thinking is different.

winkNow that you are ready to start

You’ve already had an active demonstration on how I use this for overt hypnosis demonstrations. In fact you have seen how powerful it can be because I only got a quarter of the way through it with Robin.

You’ve already seen how I use it in writing as I have taken the reader through it a few times in these articles.

You’ve already seen a version of it in the second article when I give the reader three ways to look at the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Course Deconstructed.

And on the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed Course you will see how you can use the same principles for accelerated learning. A lot of NLPers and Hypnotists use this structure for modelling and deep trance identification – which are just posh words for accelerated learning.

A Worked Example

We have talked enough about training, hypnosis and accelerated learning so let’s look at a sales example. I am just going to write down the whole thing as it comes to me. I doubt I would do the full blown thing and just remember there is a lot of other things in a sales meeting so this would never be as concentrated as it appears here.

Before the sales meeting you might set up a few preconditions. For example:

Before we start I need to let you know that I am not a normal sales guy. I only want your business if we can demonstrate that you will get at least a ten time return of investment on this product. So what I want to do is spend some time exploring your particular issues, matching them against our product and seeing what you will get from it. Then we can do the numbers and at the point where you are confident that you will get at least ten times back, that’s when you will know it’s the time to decide to buy.

If you have been through Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed you know you can replace any of the generic terms (ten times ROI) with your prospect’s values and specific criteria.

Usually people know the common objections that come up and are related to the product or the company. So you might build a metaphor around this at the presentation phase of the meeting. Here is an example of the sort of thing.

Before I begin presenting our solution I should let you know one objection that comes up all the time is blah, what I would like to do is talk you through what happened to customer XYZ (you then pace the prospects current position including their doubts and objections, explain how company XZY had the same, their reasoning for putting it all aside, again paced by what you want the prospect to do. And then into the future as company XYZ got the results that they were expecting which are of course at least ten times the return of investment.

Now you are telling the same story handling an objection and looking at it through the eyes of an existing customer. Needless to say this metaphor should be based around true events. Or if you want to be really sneaky you give them specific instructions on how to deal with the objection. Try something like this:

Before we begin the presentation side of this meeting I must say one of the biggest objections we get is BLAH…and I suggest you should also be thinking about it. But I will ask you to set it aside for the moment as we will discuss how we can turn BLAH to our advantage during the course of this presentation.

By the end of the presentation you will be glad you thought of BLAH, glad that we have it as a problem and excited about how we can use it. And if you are not feeling like that we can discuss the finer point at the end until you are fully satisfied that it will make you at least ten times your return on investment.

As with the other example you need to have thought this through and have reframes that turn the objective into an advantage. My third variation might be later in the meeting and I just take them through the process instructions on how to get the ball rolling. For example:

So if you decide to go ahead now we will just:

  • Check I have the details right
  • Fill in a couple of forms
  • Sort out the payment agreement
  • Than I will call head office and get them working on your project straight way
  • Delivery will be in three weeks, I will give you a call on the day to make sure it is all going fine and I’ll pop in the week after to see how well you are doing with it and grab that testimonial from you about just how great the results have been and how you are well on the way to making at least ten times the return of investment.

You will notice that each of these positions ends up with ten times the return of investment. And at the beginning we started with connecting that phrase with knowing the right time to buy. So with each position I am taking him through the buying process from a different perspective and leaving him at the point where he knows it is time to buy.

That is a fairly clean cut simple version of the concept so you can see how it might apply. I would usually take this approach if I had a complex sale where there are things that the prospect needs to learn to be able to make an informed decision.

Next Steps

If you can already see how this level on deconstruction helps you learn then you probably already recognise that power of being able to see things from three perceptual positions whilst learning. Imagine being able to see a persuasion skills course through the eyes of the teacher, experience it as a student and observe the interaction from outside the experience. And all the while having the trainer explain the reasoning behind making the choices that he made. Click Through and Have a Look at Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed



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