Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Tactics for Sales

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A couple of weeks ago I recorded a sales masterclass with Bryan McCormack the author of Sell Your Self. Grant a young advertising sales man took the information and against all odds increased his sales by 50% over and above the rest of his team. You can hear him talking about his results using some very cool NLP Persuasion Skills.

Hypnotic Sales is Easy

On the master class we covered a whole range of areas including:

  • Bryan talking about building a sales persona to keep you in the right mental state so you can sell no matter what is happening around you
  • Me demonstrating how to covertly take control of a conversation and building desire so your prospect is desperate to buy even before you have told them about the product
  • Bryan explaining how simple acting is and how that can give a huge head start in building rapport so your customer is already drawn in to want to talk about you, your products and services
  • Me discussing how some simple hypnotic language (future pacing for you NLP jargon junkies out there) can get your customers to follow through with their decisions, making your job easier as well as making you more money
  • Bryan showing how you can inoculate yourself against rejection and failure for any circumstances, not just sales so that you can keep going even when the going is tough
  • Me sneakily demonstrating lots of key patterns and how you can covertly install states in others without them noticing. For this you will need to listen a few times because I don’t tell Grant or the others what I am doing…but it is all down on tape for you to hear.

Is it any wonder Grant within three days is selling 50% more than anyone else in his team?

In this recording Grant talks about his results and what he has changed in his approach to create it. Sign up and over the next few days you will get sent more of this master class. Including the clips where I discuss with Grant exactly how to create the hypnotic future pace that made the difference and how to build desire by asking questions. Click through to hear Grant talking about his new hypnotic sales skills.

And More to Come

Stayed tuned to this site because over the next few days I am going to give away, completely free:

Some of you that have emailed me about the video, about the trance induction and no doubt will be emailing about this masterclass, just hold fire for a few more days and you can have all of them for free. It will be a limited offer so if you want advanced notification then sign up here.

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