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You may already know that I am delivering a course in New York for May, Hypnotic Sales in the City.

Applying Covert NLP Persuasion Techniques to Sales

I have been quizzed a lot over this course and in particular about Grant’s sales testimonial. This is especially true since I released his testimonial in his own words last week. My article included a video where Grant tells you specifically what he did to outpace the rest of his team by 50% in just three days. You can read the article and see the video here

The week earlier Grant went on a sales techniques master class where he learnt his skills. Luckily we recorded the event and can give you that to download and listen to for yourself. But I don’t want to just give you a ninety minute recording that most trainers would charge large amounts of money for. I want to give you a whole sales course that has an even bigger value.

Hypnotic Sales Persuasion Mastery

This course contains four videos, 35 pages of high quality information about integrating hypnotic language patterns into your sales skills as well as the ninety minute audio sales master class. Anyone in their right mind would sell you this for $97 minimum.

But I would much rather give you the information for free. That way you can try it out, realise how powerful it is and then decide to spend the time, effort and energy with me to get even better results.

You can find out more about the totally free Hypnotic Sales Persuasion Course right here.

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