NLP Persuasive Techniques and Telephone Calls

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I have received an email from Tim about the way he is cold calling that gives me the opportunity to unpack some thoughts about rapport, questioning and persuasion processes on the telephone.

NLP Sales Techniques on the Telephone

In fact this email from Tim has given me so much opportunity to unpack information for you I have offered him a free place on The Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme (although I will expect a field report or two back from him as to how it is working out for him).

Tim has already worked his way through The Persuasion Skills Black Book and has a grounding in the persuasive techniques that you will learn from it. Let us start with looking at the email and the problems Tim faces.

Received: Saturday 24th April 8.47

From: Tim

Hi Rintu,

I’ve been back to your site over the past couple of days and rediscovered my motivation. I lost my focus in NLP for a while because of my job: I sell property for a living in NZ and as you can imagine, in this market my main concern has been keeping my head above water. Actually it’s been a bit of a losing battle. But I’m defiant by nature and dislike defeat. So I’m hanging in.

Which brings me to my point: I read your post about John (The Ultimate Persuasion Techniques … Rintu) and it got me thinking about how I can turn cold calls into a listing – ie. call someone I don’t know and by the end of the call have them seriously consider selling their property.

As an aside, I do many cold calls and actually quite enjoy it because I often end up having very enjoyable conversations. In fact my biggest problem is that I end up talking about them, their family, and what they’ve done and I don’t get to control the conversation back to property.
So I build rapport but the cost is I lose control.

But John and his dilemma and your suggestions got me thinking about a way to regain control. Up till now when I called someone I’d introduce myself then say, “it’s a follow-up phone call to material that you’ve (i.e. them) found in your letter-box to find out if you’ve (i.e. them) had any thoughts at all about [slight pause at this point] perhaps [another slight pause at this point] putting your property on the market”. Usually they say “no, we don’t want to sell” and I then get in quick to start up a conversation in the hope of something coming out of it.

I’ll still keep this initial approach because I usually get some conversation going. But I’m now going to tack on something new: I’m going to draw attention to the future. Up until now my cold call conversations have always focused on the present and the past. This may sound bizarre but I’ve only just come to the realisation that I can take back control of the conversation by talking about the future.

So I’ve just developed a couple of new questions I’m going to try during the conversation. My new questions are: “lets assume you’re still in your home for many years to come and if you had the choice right now what would it be that you’d change or modify about your home?” And after they answer I’ll acknowledge it before replying, “what would it be like to not have to do all those changes and modifications because they were already there?”

I still need to work out a question to get them to re-focus from their own home onto the next step of seriously considering selling to be able to get what they want rather than make do with what they’ve already got.

Rintu, if you have any suggestions or you can see any improvements I can make, I’d appreciate them.



Over the next few days I will post a little mini series of ideas based on Tim’s email. We will discuss:

  • Emotional States and how they effect beliefs and results
  • Why and when building rapport is not a good idea
  • Selling products that satisfy deep emotional needs
  • Sequences of questions

If you want to find out more about the Hypnotic Sales Process just click through the door below to read on:

3d render of an opened door to a dream day

3d render of an opened door to a dream day

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