Sales Success using NLP Persuasion Techniques

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A couple of weeks ago Tim emailed me with some challenges he was having with cold call sales. This gave us the opportunity to discuss various persuasive techniques and ideas for a very specific application. It seems through Tim’s persistence and willingness to try out new ideas he is creating some good results. Here is an article linking all the techniques we have discussed for Tim to get these results.

Results from using Persuasion Techniques in Sales

Here are the links to some of the previous posts:

It seems through Tim’s persistence and willingness to try out new ideas he is creating some good results.

Here is his email in full:

Received: Friday 15th May 12:11

From: Tim

Hi Rintu,

Thanks for keeping in touch.

Last night I had a very enjoyable appraisal meeting with a vendor who is considering selling their home. Before I walked in I made a commitment to myself that once I had built a little rapport, I wasn’t going to offer any suggestions until I had all the information or until they asked a question. And if I had to offer a suggestion I’d end it with a question.

My approach was simple:

1) build some rapport
2) dictate where we’d talk by saying “would it be alright to put my folder here”
3) begin asking questions. My first question was “how can I help?”
4) when they offered the first bit of relevant information, open the folder, take out my pad, and ask “would it be alright if I jotted down the important information so that umm……….”. They said “sure, go right ahead”.

And I was away. It was great. I was in control right through. At the end of the diagnosis, I summarized what they told me, and together we worked out three realistic priorities.

So we’re seeing some progress. Thanks Rintu.



Conversational Hypnosis using conversation management

Right the way through the beginning of Tim’s meeting he is offering direct suggestions and getting agreement. Basically, he is taking covert control of the conversation. Is it any wonder that Tim feels more in control?

If you want to find out more about Persuasive Techniques then the Persuasion Skills Black Book is a great place to start. And if you are working in a sales environment click through the door to find out more about the Hypnotic Sales Process

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