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WARNING: Many NLP and Hypnosis Trainers can’t or won’t train you to unleash the power of Covert Persuasion Skills “Do you want the skills to: Command attention Get people to say yes, Generate more business but struggle with confusing, theoretical and downright unworkable hypnotic persuasion techniques?”  “What if you could get into the mind of an Internationally Acclaimed Best Selling NLP Persuasion Skills Author and download his … Read More

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“Everything You Wanted to Know About the Most Comprehensive Covert Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Course On the Internet But Were too Tranced Out to Ask”

Confidence Building Presentatons Skills Training Course

“NLP Presentation Skills, Unleash the Power of NLP and Hypnosis for Groups” Using covert methods for creating lasting results for groups A four-day course about using hypnotic principles in presentations. Why Should I Go On This Course? How would you feel if you were asked to fill in for a daylong presentation in front of hundreds of people at a … Read More