Playing with NLP Language Patterns

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You might not have the flexibility to use this hypnotic language pattern everywhere, but what if it were possible to flip just another 5% of decisions in your favour through using this technique. Would that make enough of a difference for you to read this article and discover how?

Accelerated Learning and NLP Techniques

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I am running an NLP Practitioner Course in September and have been asked what makes this course so special. In this article we will look at some of the Accelerated Learning Techniques I have developed specifically for this course.

NLP Training Going Beyond Positive Thinking

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There is a lot propagated in the personal development field about positive thinking. This article is about how dangerous taking a simplistic idea of positive thinking can be, how you can actually use the concept and some practical application for restructuring the basis of your entire reality.

Applying Covert Hypnosis to NLP Coaching

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This article will show you how you can get your audience to shift limiting beliefs, install a desire to succeed and get people compliant for whatever you have in store for them. The techniques you will read in this article are ideally suited to coaches, counsellors, therapists, trainers and teachers.