Persuasion Skills 101, Using Emotions

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Any reader of my articles will have heard me banging on about the power of emotions and how persuasive they are. This article actively demonstrates just how much more persuasive you can be with only a couple of little tweaks to the way you approach people.

Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Deconstructed

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This article deconstructs one of my most favourite patterns. The presuppositions inherent in the pattern mean that if the recipient takes on board the statement they will accept everything you have to say as the absolute truth. The pattern is flexible enough for you to use in any situation where you want an audience to totally accept what you have … Read More

NLP, Accelerated Learning and Coaching

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This article is to introduce a video that demonstrates an accelerated learning model can help you dramatically improve your skills in any area of your life. I have seen people use this model to increase their results hundreds of times over in sales, management, parenting, and dating.