Hypnotic Persuasion Skills Deconstructed

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This article deconstructs one of my most favourite patterns. The presuppositions inherent in the pattern mean that if the recipient takes on board the statement they will accept everything you have to say as the absolute truth. The pattern is flexible enough for you to use in any situation where you want an audience to totally accept what you have … Read More

NLP Persuasion Skills to Deal with the Corporate Bully

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I hate it when people are bullied and corporates are great at trying to bully small businesses. I was talking to a friend over lunch today about this and gave him a strategy for dealing with the corporate bully. Even if you are not in business this article will give you a strategy to deal with particular types of bullying … Read More

Hypnotic Language Patterns to Bypass Resistance

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Last week during a talk to the Glasgow Branch of Women in Business and Finance I was asked how I would deal with a, “Can’t be bothered to deal with that now”, objection. My answer is a specific language pattern designed to destroy this sort of objection.