Using Conversational Preframes

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Following on from the article yesterday about preframes this article is a great concept that can allow you to preframe every sentence that you say. To get the most from this article you probably want to have read the one from yesterday right here.

Playing with NLP Language Patterns

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You might not have the flexibility to use this hypnotic language pattern everywhere, but what if it were possible to flip just another 5% of decisions in your favour through using this technique. Would that make enough of a difference for you to read this article and discover how?

What Use is NLP?

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Would you like to rediscover an incredibly powerful tool that can give you instant power or an edge in any situation? Would you be interested in learning the key to NLP that other people have paid thousands of pounds for? It is all in this article.

Psychic Persuasion Skills!

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About ten years ago I read a book that transformed my persuasion skills. The book was about a fascinating subject called ‘cold reading’. This article is about how cold reading can help you to become more persuasive in every facet of your life: personal, social and professional.