NLP Techniques to Manage the Boss

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Concept of humiliation suffered by the boss

I have had a number of e-mails asking for ideas on how to manage your boss.  A lot of them contain fairly common issues and some stuff of a personal nature. I am going to construct a scenario containing the range of general issues and then discuss some NLP techniques that may help. 

NLP Techniques and Sales

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This article looks generally at how some NLP Techniques relate to sales. Many people do not realise that applying for jobs is just sales technique. If you are interested in exploring Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques applied to job searching skills then have a look at the Hypnotic Interview Skills Programme.

Practical Rapport Building for Interviews

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You will find lots written about rapport all over the internet. As such the main body of this report is all about how to really create great rapport quickly and easily. We will talk about how many NLP Practitioners get it wrong, the key ingredients to get it right. This is an extract from The Persuasion Skills Black Book which … Read More