Essential Skills to Transform Your Life

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I spoke to Tom Vizzini from Essential Skill the other week about personal development and what makes the biggest difference. The answer he gave me was so interesting that it turned into an article for him and I asked if I could publish it here for you.

Every Decent Coach needs to do Trance

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I have self-coaching in my head today as I am delivering a presentation on how to overcome your limiting beliefs and get ahead through self-coaching today. This article talks about the importance of trance in blowing out limiting beliefs and installing empowering beliefs whether this is for yourself or for your clients.

Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills for Healing

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Using NLP Persuasion Skills on Yourself On page 51 of the Persuasion Skills Back Book I suggest a way on increasing your self-esteem by using hypnotic language patterns to persuade yourself to think more highly of yourself. A natural extension of the process would be to talk yourself into healing any physical or psychological problem that you might face. This article is about how … Read More

What is trance?

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This is a question I am often asked and is article is about my personal ideas about it as well as a few thoughts on why this is useful.

NLP Techniques, Decision Making with Time Line

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So you’ve got some new ideas, goals and plans for the weeks, months and years ahead. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’, so in this short article we are going to discover some Master-Keys to achieving effective outcomes.