Finding Proper Job Security

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Often people worry about things like job security when solutions can be easy to find. Here is someone finding a good solution in a competitive industry.

Rintu BasuFinding Proper Job Security

NLP Persuasion Skills in Training

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The following article will take you through several videos that will show you some of the ways you can use NLP Persuasion Techniques in a training context. Any trainer will get lots of tools and ideas from this. If you are not a trainer the following videos will give you a great insight into how you can use a variety of persuasion tactics in a structured and therefore very powerful way.

Rintu BasuNLP Persuasion Skills in Training

The One NLP Technique that lets you win EVERY Time

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You might find the head line a bit fanciful and I would suggest that the idea that we will discuss in this article will work every time and in every situation. I will suggest that sometimes it is not easy to do. But imagine having a technique that lets you win just one percent more than you normally do just how different would your life be. If you have not already got the idea I think this is the most powerful concept NLP.

Rintu BasuThe One NLP Technique that lets you win EVERY Time

Changing Your Subject’s View on Reality

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This article is covertly about how changing the frame can give people a completely different perspective, and as a result you get huge leverage in persuading them. Overtly it is just an email exchange from a customer asking a couple of questions. As you read the article though think about situations where changing the frames would make a difference for you.

Rintu BasuChanging Your Subject’s View on Reality

Policing Police with Training Trances

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A few years ago I got a crowd of police officers to stand round a tree holding hands and chanting Om. It was getting on for five minutes before any of them managed to pluck up the courage to ask me why. You may not need to control police officers to that degree but imagine what you could do with that sort of persuasive ability. Here is the story of how I did that and some of the persuasion principles that you can start using straight away.

Rintu BasuPolicing Police with Training Trances