Changing Your Subject’s View on Reality

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This article is covertly about how changing the frame can give people a completely different perspective, and as a result you get huge leverage in persuading them. Overtly it is just an email exchange from a customer asking a couple of questions. As you read the article though think about situations where changing the frames would make a difference for you.

Rintu BasuChanging Your Subject’s View on Reality

Policing Police with Training Trances

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A few years ago I got a crowd of police officers to stand round a tree holding hands and chanting Om. It was getting on for five minutes before any of them managed to pluck up the courage to ask me why. You may not need to control police officers to that degree but imagine what you could do with that sort of persuasive ability. Here is the story of how I did that and some of the persuasion principles that you can start using straight away.

Rintu BasuPolicing Police with Training Trances

Everything that is Wrong with NLP Rapport Techniques

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This article is based round a short video I saw today that put me in mind of some teen pranks I used to pull that would instantly lead people in a direction. They work effectively well and are totally outside the standard NLP Model of Rapport.

Rintu BasuEverything that is Wrong with NLP Rapport Techniques

Who do you want to be next year?

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I wrote this article a few years ago and the technique I demonstrate is so powerful it is worth a reshowing. If you struggle at this time of year with the whole goal setting thing here is an alternate view.

Rintu BasuWho do you want to be next year?

Applying NLP Persuasion Techniques to Article Writing

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I have recently been asked by one of my advanced students to explain my article writing strategy. This was particularly in reference to an article and email that was packed with a huge amount of persuasion tactics as demonstration, teaching aid and to motivate the reader. This article will give you my personal step by step process.

Rintu BasuApplying NLP Persuasion Techniques to Article Writing

The More You Fail The Closer to Success You Become

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This article is about a particular accelerated learning technique that can dramatically improve your ability to use hypnotic language patterns. And as a bonus you will get to learn another fun and easy to use language pattern. Try Before You Buy I’ve seen a lot of people fall in to an interesting double bind in many different learning situations. Some people won’t use a skill until they are good at the skill. The obvious issue here is without using the skill you are unlikely to get any good at it. Conversely the more you use the skill the better you get at it. This is a particular problem with hypnotic language patterns. They are only likely to work once you have made the pattern your own and it appears as part of your natural speech. Even passed that point there are a whole number of variables that will determine if the pattern works in any given situation. Another typical reaction to learning patterns is a need to understand how a pattern works, where you would use it, how to set up to use it in a conversation and a million other details. The reality is that you can only get proper answers to those questions through the experience of using the pattern. The Failure of Our School System There is a lot that our schools do right in educating us. But one thing that schools tend to ingrain is a fear of failure. Here is the reality of failure. All of your growth and your development is outside your comfort zone. You learn fastest when you can explore, play and accept not getting things right first time. For you to succeed at learning new skills failure is an inevitably part of the process. As such every time you fail with your new skill you should be out celebrating because you are learning, growing and developing. The nature of fast development is all about celebrating and learning from our failures. In fact the more you fail the closer to success you get. With this in mind I have a particular approach to learning hypnotic language patterns that I share with people. The Pattern of the Day Approach The best way of learning hypnotic language is to take a pattern and over use it. Play with it, try and fit it into a conversation as many times as possible. As you do this you will learn how to control the conversation to get the pattern in. You will notice what has to go before the pattern and after the pattern to make it work. You will notice how the pattern impacts the person you are speaking with. You will learn to cover your mistakes, how to recover from being found out, stumbling over your words and just talking word salad. The more you use a particular pattern the more you find yourself instinctively using that pattern. But best of all you will quickly let go of any outcome other than to play … Read More

Rintu BasuThe More You Fail The Closer to Success You Become

Hypnotic Future Pace in Real Life

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What would you do if you could get people to imagine feeling good about doing the things that you want them to do? This article will show you how you can do that easily. 

Rintu BasuHypnotic Future Pace in Real Life