One Simple Way of Losing the Sale

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Here is one simple method of snatching a disaster from the jaws of victory and not even notice you are doing it. It is an example of how some simple things really created a devastating effect even when everything was pointing in the right direction.

Rintu BasuOne Simple Way of Losing the Sale

Setting Goals Could Stop You Achieving Your Goals

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One of the things that the personal development industry seems pretty clear on is setting goals. Often though I don’t think they have really thought through what can go wrong and why man people fail to achieve their goals even when setting them in the commonly accepted way.

Rintu BasuSetting Goals Could Stop You Achieving Your Goals

NLP Accelerated Learning and How Schools Can Screw You Up

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In the main schools do a great job teaching lots of kids the basics of being able to function in society. There is one thing that happens in schools that can create a huge block to learning that I have seen many people have. This article is about that block and how to overcome it if you have it.

Rintu BasuNLP Accelerated Learning and How Schools Can Screw You Up

The Problem with Confidence

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In the last article we looked at how I installed a fear of heights into John by accident. In this article we will look at the dangers of developing self-confidence and how it almost killed John.

Rintu BasuThe Problem with Confidence

Secret Stash of Hidden Goodies Unearthed

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Okay I’ve been cleaning out the office and I’ve found a small pile of USB Data cards that I didn’t know that I had. I think they are really cool and they have lots of content on them including audio versions of the books and bootleg footage from some courses that I’ve delivered.

Rintu BasuSecret Stash of Hidden Goodies Unearthed

The Power of Metaphor

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Everyone loves a good story. Metaphors are a great way to change people’s beliefs, outlook or focus. We are exposed to all sorts of narratives that change our perceptions. This article is about one structure for metaphor that you can use in multiple persuasion contexts.

Rintu BasuThe Power of Metaphor