The Power of Metaphor

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Everyone loves a good story. Metaphors are a great way to change people’s beliefs, outlook or focus. We are exposed to all sorts of narratives that change our perceptions. This article is about one structure for metaphor that you can use in multiple persuasion contexts.

Rintu BasuThe Power of Metaphor

Using NLP to Feel Good Every Day

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Have you noticed that sometimes thoughts don’t go away? With me it usually happens with some bad thought and it takes some time to get rid of it. But what if it were possible to put a good thought in your head and have that on repeat so you just keep coming back to it when you need a quick boost of positivity?

Rintu BasuUsing NLP to Feel Good Every Day

New NLP Courses

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Due to recent changes in EU legislation I have to find a different way of dealing with tax. My solution is to move my courses onto another platform so they have to deal with the tax admin issue. The first two course have been moved over and to celebrate I have negotiated a £10 ($15) money off coupon for either or both:

Rintu BasuNew NLP Courses

Some Results Using the NLP Spelling Strategy

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Imagine a situation where you spent most of your life being told either that you were slow and stupid or that your brain didn’t work properly and that you would never be normal. And then in a matter of an hour or so you were given a strategy that would make you a better scholar than any of those so called “normal” people.

Rintu BasuSome Results Using the NLP Spelling Strategy

A NLP Sales Case Study

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This article is a case study demonstration of a NLP Sales process. It deconstructs how I sold a sales course to a woman that had a completely negative view on selling and gives you the complete process I use to make dramatic increases in conversions for my sales students.

Rintu BasuA NLP Sales Case Study

Who Do You Want as an NLP Trainer?

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I am often asked about why I appear different from many of the run of the mill NLP trainers that are out there. Most trainers have different values, beliefs and experience so are likely to be different one way or another. The real issue is how does that impact the learning that they can give you. Here is one way I am different and how you benefit from this approach.

Rintu BasuWho Do You Want as an NLP Trainer?