The One Skill to Rule Them All

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I admit it, I’m biassed. I’ve been studying accelerated learning techniques since I was sixteen years old. I remember being incensed as only a moralistic naive teenager can be that learning to learn was not a subject they taught in school. I have a video for you today that is about developing the ability to learn.

What Can You Do with NLP Modelling Techniques?

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NLP is a flexible tool that you can apply to a lot of different contexts. As such it can sometimes be difficult to explain how you can use it to get the results that you want. This page gives you access to recent articles on how some people have been using NLP to great effect.

NLP and Accelerated Learning for Business Results

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Tom, a senior manager in the print and media industry has had some amazing results since attending my NLP Practitioner Course a few years ago. He told me that he has taken a week long training course and brought it down to just a single day…and then tested this on the worse case scenario to make sure it all works. … Read More

Tom Paterson – NLP Role Model

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A little while ago I put up a web page about a man I am really privileged to know. I would argue that Tom Paterson is one of the best NLPers in the world. I say this simply because of the results he has created for himself and others through his use of NLP Techniques.