NLP Techniques to Frame a Conversation

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The video you will see in today’s article is a demonstration of how you can covertly install a set of frames so that your audience has to follow the path that you set out for them. This works for individuals as much as groups.

Persuasion Techniques Field Report Pt2

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In the last post I went through how I built massive rapport with two total strangers in a restaurant. If you have not read the post you can find it here. In this part two of the case study I show you how you can use some simple linguistic frames to ramp up the level of rapport that you have.

NLP Persuasion Skills in Blackpool

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This article is an index page for some tools on Rapport, Conversation Management and the build up to a little miniseries Field Report where you will discover how you can use your NLP skills to get people to by you free dinners.

Why NLP Coaches should Learn Covert Persuasion

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This article is about how we can unconsciously install new behaviour, thoughts and ideas into other people. By the end of this article you will have a good idea on some of the techniques hypnotist use to bypass you conscious faculties and install particular thoughts, ideas and behaviour.

Using NLP to Get Noticed When It Matters

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I have a short seven minute video for you today. It is specifically related to CV and Resumes and deals with a particular issue that is quite common and often makes the difference between being called for interview or rejected in the paper sift.

NLP Job Hunting; No Experience, Get the Job Anyway

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I was interviewed by Lars Hellestrae the other day on skype. Lars runs a number of services for sales people. He asked me if we could discuss job hunting. He asked me some very specific questions and as a result I gave out a lot of information about job hunting techniques on these videos.