Instant and Rapid Hypnotic Inductions

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This is a short review of Tranced Out, a new product shortly to be released by Josh Houghton and Taylor Sherman.

A How to Guide for Rapid and Instant Hypnotic Inductions

The programme is five DVDs and two manuals and it gives you everything you could want to know about Rapid and Instant Inductions.

Overt Hypnosis

Tranced Out is a programme for every hypnotist whether you are a hypnotherapist, street, impromptu or stage hypnotist. It sets out to give you all you need to use rapid and instant inductions. I don’t believe there is any other programme like this anywhere. I lost count of the number of inductions Josh and Taylor go through and with enough depth for everyone from complete beginner to profession expert hypnotists.

Why Would a Hypnotherapist use Rapid or Instant Inductions?

When I used to regularly do hypnosis work one thing I wanted was to give the client as much time in trance to resolve their issues. If you are working on a fifty minute session and you take twenty minutes (typical progressive relaxation trance time) on the induction, assuming ten minutes chat and another ten minutes exploring the problem you are only left with ten minutes suggestion or productive trance time.

Imagine if you took less than two minutes to induce a deep level of trance. That would completely change the balance of your sessions. To the point where you might use several inductions in one session. In this respect Tranced Out is a hugely valuable addition to any hypnotherapist’s library.

Get Invited to the Right Sort of Parties

Stage hypnotists have been using rapid and instant inductions for a long time because with the right sort of build up they can be very flashy and dramatic. If this is something that interests you then Tranced Out is a perfect DVD set for you.

Personally I am not particularly interested in stage hypnosis, but I do occasionally get asked to do an impromptu trance induction. If you get invited to those sorts of parties where this is likely to happen or want to do some street hypnosis with random strangers again the amount of information in this DVD set will give you everything you need.

There are more inductions on this DVD programme than I can consciously keep in my head, but that is not a problem (I’ll explain why not in a moment). They range from inductions that you can use in an office as part of a therapeutic induction right through to inductions that would be normal in a stage setting.

In short, anyone that is planning to use or is using overt hypnotic inductions will get something from this set. I am a certified master hypnotist and hypnosis trainer for over 12 years and I still came away with a fist full of notes.

Tranced Out – The Contents

What you get are five DVDs and two manuals all professionally put together. The first two DVDs are just Taylor and Josh sat behind a desk talking to camera. They go through pretty much everything you could ever want to know about rapid and instant inductions. I was particularly impressed with how much care and attention they placed on safety.

If there is a weakness in the whole programme it is with these first two DVDs. They are simply too densely packed and loaded with information for anyone to go through in one sitting. I found I had to take frequent breaks, stop the DVD to catch up with notes and generally pause for breath. It is clear they intended for it to be watched over and over again, and if you are looking for a “quick catch up” DVD then this is NOT the product for you.

The next two DVDs are where the fun really starts. The first is Taylor demonstrating every rapid and instant trance inductions you can think of. They are all clearly indexed so you can find them easily, slow them down and go through them many times until you have all that you need to perform each one. Taylor has a lot of passion and energy and you can see just how much he loves his subject. The best thing for me in all of this was getting enthused by Taylor’s obvious enjoyment of Inductions.

Josh has his turn in the next DVD. Josh takes his time, as much as you can with rapid inductions. He demonstrates each induction and then talks you through it explaining all the key points and things you should note. Josh is different but no less enthusiastic and one of the best things is having these two different perspectives. His explanations are clear, well thought out and help shine a light on these inductions.

A highlight for me watching these DVDs was the pen drop induction. Josh makes the point that once you get the key concepts into your muscle memory you can turn anything into a trance induction. What I suddenly realised was the Josh and Taylor had skilfully led everything to this one key point. They had built everything to take you to a point where you are creating instant and rapid inductions from anything you have to hand. The net result, going through these DVDs puts you in a position where you can confidently create rapid and instant trance inductions for any context.

The final DVD is from a live training and is a bonus DVD. Taylor demonstrates a lot of inductions live and there are some great discussions particularly about the language involved.

Who is this Programme For?

Anyone involved in overt hypnosis applications is going to get something from this DVD Programme. Beginners will get a huge about of resources on how to do inductions. People that have been doing hypnosis for a while even if fully versed in rapid inductions will certainly still learn some more key distinctions as well as many great ideas.

If you are a hypnotherapist you will learn ways of cutting your induction time to a fraction of the norm, giving you a lot more opportunity to get the good stuff done. If you do impromptu, street or stage hypnosis then there is a bucket load of stuff to add to your repertoire.

Free Content

Josh and Taylor have been very smart with the launch of this programme. The launch date is 29th Jan. But before that date they have been releasing a ton of free content. This means you can find out more about them (take it from me, I think they are a pair of really cool folk to know) and their programme before making any purchasing decision. Trust me I’ve been following along with their launch programme, watching their videos and reading their blogs. If you have any interest at all in hypnosis have a look at the free content they have on with site. You can click through the link here.

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