Using Hypnotic Persuasion Skills for Healing

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Using NLP Persuasion Skills on Yourself

On page 51 of the Persuasion Skills Back Book I suggest a way on increasing your self-esteem by using hypnotic language patterns to persuade yourself to think more highly of yourself. A natural extension of the process would be to talk yourself into healing any physical or psychological problem that you might face. This article is about how David, a student on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course has done that for himself.

Talking yourself better

Enough research has been done to show that you can have a great impact on the recovery of any illness. Consider just the simple idea of an injured person that maintains the hope of a full recovery. They are more likely to do what is necessary to assist that recovery. Compare that to a person that is wallowing in their illness and is enjoying the attention getting for being ill. There is a possibility that they would not want to recover too fast. I would suggest the way you use your mind can have a huge impact, aside from these simplistic examples, on how you recover from any physical or psychological challenge.

I have been talking to David, one of my Advanced Persuasion Patterns Students on Twitter and he informed me that he was recovering from a car accident and therefore couldn’t get out to practice his patterns on people. I suggested he practice patterns on himself and used them to persuade himself to heal faster.

My agenda was to keep David practicing his patterns one way or another and if it aided his recovery then that was a bonus. He told me on Twitter it had worked and I suggested he wrote me a few words in an email. This is what I received. At the end of the email I will deconstruct his process a little so you can full understand how he managed this excellent result.

Mon  00:45

Hi Rintu,

As we discussed on twitter, here are a few lines about how I used your DTI technique to get rid of my flashbacks of my car accident a few weeks ago. (By the way forgive me in advance for any spelling mistakes as English is not my first language), with that being said, I can start my story.

I’m a salesman here in France and my job requires for me to travel by car to meet my clients, so driving a car is a must for me. As I said earlier, I was involved in a car accident about 3 weeks ago. I did not sustain any major injuries but I was scared to drive again. I was talking to my wife one night about the flashbacks of the car crash i was playing in my head, and she said something that really made me aware that I was doing it to myself. At that point I realized I had total control over it because like she said it was only my own thoughts replaying the scene in my mind. From your suggestion i tried using the patterns on myself to persuade my body and my mind to heal faster…and it worked. I used the DTI technique , my point B was me now scared to drive and my point A was me before it happened (an ok driver j/k) and now I ‘m able to drive again as if nothing happened. Thank you for your helpful responses. I’m looking forward to continuing to learn from your course.

Until next time, David

How Can I Use this NLP Technique?

When David says DTI he is talking about a Deep Trance Identification Technique that I cover on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course. In essence it is a thought process that allows you to model other people. With a little tweaking you can use it to model lots of interesting things.

In David’s case he uses this technique to model the version of himself before the accident. Anyone that is recovering from an illness could model a version of themselves that is fully recovered, of if that is too much of a stretch perhaps someone who is a bit better recovered than current.

I am not suggesting that this will automatically make you better. What I am suggesting is that this is a way of maintaining a state that will aid your recovery. And in some cases you may earn yourself a great result in the same way as David has.

How Else Can I Use this Technique?

As if this is not enough this technique can be used for all sorts of exciting modelling projects. For example you could model someone you think is a great persuader. Once you have done that you might imagine yourself with the same skills and then model that future version of you that has acquired those skills. In the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Course I take you through the exact process to be able to dramatically accelerate your progress with any skill. If you can imagine the skill then you can model it to greatly increase your ability.

This Deep Trance Identification is just one of hundreds of tools, ideas and concepts you will receive on this course. Find out more about the Advanced Persuasion Patterns course when you click through the link here.

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