The Real Secret to NLP Mastery

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This article is about how you can very quickly master the whole NLP thing and how some people have subtly but completely missed the point of NLP.

What is NLP?

Richard Bandler, the co founder of NLP defined it as an Attitude and a Methodology leading to a trail of techniques. Richard went further with this definition stating that it was an attitude of curiosity and a methodology of modelling. If you have these two then you will find yourself a trail of techniques based on the models you are creating. By applying this attitude and methodology to anyone that is a model of excellence you will discover how you can replicate their success.

So what are NLP Techniques?

The core of NLP Techniques are modelling tools. They allow you to find out how people are using their minds and bodies to create the results that they create. You may find some NLPer’s that have put the cart before the horse and decided that the techniques are NLP. In fact you can even buy big books of NLP Techniques many of which seem to treat NLP as a sort of therapy tool.

The strange thing about this is that a lot of the techniques “NLP Therapists” use have come from models that were created through applying modelling techniques to some great therapists. But NLP is not the techniques but the process of finding those techniques.

Why is this distinction useful?

Let’s say you work as a therapist and you are given a big book of NLP techniques. Would this make you any better a therapist? I would argue that it would make you the same as you always were except with a big book of techniques.

Now let’s say instead of being given a big book, you were given a methodology with which you can model good therapists and how you can install these new ideas, methodologies and concepts into yourself or others. Using these skills diligently you will suddenly find yourself improving at your job.

Have you examples that are not about therapists?

When I was planning the lessons that ultimately became The Persuasion Skills Black Book I looked at how great learners learn. I am good at using NLP Persuasion Language, I looked at the process I went through to become skilled at using this sort of language. I looked at Milton Erickson and Richard Bandler and how they install behaviours in their clients.

I took all these various models and started to build a process for consciously and unconsciously installing a new way of thinking about language. I then built this back up into a series of lessons that deliberately take you on a conscious (having to practice and deliberately use some patterns) and unconscious (giving you covert and overwhelming examples of patterns and how they work) journey to mastery.

Some people have complained that I give to much away in some of my articles and free videos. The reality is I am happy to give away a lot of free information because as good as it is without the structure and the process behind it all people can get is a big book of NLP Techniques. The real skills come when you understand that the attitude and the methodology is where the power is. For that you need The Persuasion Skills Black Book.

Persuasion Skills UK

Persuasion Skills USA

Can you use this approach in other areas?

I have:

  • Deconstructed a job hunting process and the book will be out shortly.
  • Tweaked various sales processes to add a hypnotic element, the book will be out shortly.
  • Worked out the process to be a profitable internet poker player.
  • Created a speed product course for the Publishing Academy which will show you how you can write a book, create and market an info product in days rather than months (I created the whole product in less than a weekend)
  • With the help of my good buddy Nathan Thomas we are putting together a weekend workshop that will very quickly generate a liveable income from the internet.

Consider if any of this would be possible with a big book of NLP Techniques. The reality is NLP is still just about an attitude and a methodology. If you get these right then you will create your own techniques.

You could buy a big book of NLP Techniques that give you a therapists view on persuasion or you can look at the most comprehensive NLP persuasion skills course on the internet that shows you how to create your own persuasion persona and develop y0ur own persuasion techniques. If this is useful to you have a look at the Advanced Persuasion Persuasion Patterns Programme,

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