What is NLP?

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The issue is not really what NLP is but what it can do for you. But if you want a quick run down of what this NLP here is a couple of definitions that I like…

What is NLP or What can NLP do for you? Definitions of NLP

The first is from Richard Bandler, the co founder of NLP. The definition of NLP he put forward is:

An Attitude and A Methodology leading to a Trail of Techniques.

Digging a little deeper the attitude is about curiosity and wanton experimentation. The methodology is about modelling, extracting the thoughts and behaviours that create success. Having the first two leads to a trail of techniques that ultimately help you to succeed in whatever endeavour you are looking at.

Many NLP Training Companies put the cart before the horse over this issue because they teach “NLP Techniques.” The issue is not the techniques but about developing the attitude and the model. Only then do you suddenly find yourself developing your own techniques.

An example might be the way I teach Hypnotic Persuasion and NLP Language. This is a really exciting area of NLP for me that I have been unsatisfied with on any of the NLP Training Courses I have attended.

I have spent a lot of time and effort modelling trainers, persuasion skills and how to deliver training courses to create new structures that allow delegates on my courses to become very effective at NLP Language without having to deal with the problems I faced when going through my courses.

You can see some of the results of this on the free ten week persuasion and influence course that you can sign up for on the top right hand side of this page.

Another NLP Definition 

The other definition I like is also from Richard and is:

NLP is “The study of the structure of our subjective experience and what can be calculated from it.”

Again, going a little deeper what this is really about is the fact that if we know how our subjective experience is made up, then we also know how to alter it. Consider the benefits of being able to change the way you think about things. What if you could change your thinking about a particular problem and turn it in to a benefit? How about taking any unhelpful belief and replacing it with a more useful one?

NLP Example working with Clients 

Here is an example. I have worked with a few clients that have had low self-esteem. By looking at the way they were creating their own reality it was obvious they were saying things to themselves in their head that were not useful. Imagine having someone stood next to you 24/7 all of your life constantly criticising you.

No wonder they had low self esteem.

By showing them that they were creating the voice, how they could change the voice to have less power and influence they started getting better. By showing them how to create a powerful voice that says good things they started to improve and gain confidence. There are many NLP Techniques that take this approach, but really it just needed someone prepared to consider the two definitions above to create the result.

By being curious about how my clients got to be very successful at having low self-esteem and using modelling techniques I could work out how they were creating the problem for themselves. Recognising and valuing their subjective experience I taught them how to change it. No NLP Jargon or Techniques needed. When I started explaining my clients just came up with their own, very elegant techniques to change the nature of their own thoughts.

What is NLP or What can NLP do for you? 

I return to the original point, the issue is not what NLP is, but what you can do with it. What would you do if you could change they way you experience the world? What would you do if you could change the way others experience the world?

The answer to these two questions is really what NLP is about… and I can’t answer that for you however much I might know about NLP.

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