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In this article I will show you a specific set of patterns I often use in training where I can get anyone to make positive connections between any content I give them and what they are there to learn. Let me be a little more specific I can say any random content and the student will make connections to why they think they are in the room and learn valuable material for themselves.

Before we begin you will obviously understand that this is based on the student accepting the preframes that I give you, that it will work better if we discuss things that are relevant (even though it still works if I just spout random stuff – I’ve tested it, it works but it just easier to do, more efficient and works better if you stay on topic…but you really don’t need to) and that when you think this through you will find hundreds of applications for this approach.

But Let’s Be Clear About This Concept

So let me be clear. So long as you set the preframes up properly you say whatever you want and your audience will just keep making connections back to what they think they need to hear. This is a training example but you could set this up so people pick up how they will handle their own objections to buying, or solve their own problems in a team meeting, or have your kids come up with their own solutions on how to keep their room tidy and hundreds of other applications.

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iStock_000010163949XSmallA Training Tale

One of the great things about metaphors is that people will take what they need from the tale. But if you preframe the need and the meaning you can hide lots of direct instruction in a tale. Here is an example:

I used to work in a large occupational training centre. The students were mature most had left full time education a considerable number of years ago, many were not confident in their learning abilities. And they were faced with weekly exams that could have a significant impact on their chosen career up to and including being sacked. The pressure on them was enormous.

Setting Up the Preframes

Based on some of the stuff you already know about me you might recognise that I had a reputation on campus as the guy that does all the “weird voodoo shite” that can enhance their learning skills. So my help was often sought by struggling students. I was not allowed to charge for my services being a member of staff so this is what I would say to them;

“Okay I will meet you in the bar tonight. You will buy me two pints and by the time I have finished the second pint you will have sorted all the issues around studying and these exams. The reality is by the fact that you are here you already know what you need to know to be able to study for these exams. All that you need is a little tweaking and you will get it. So what we will do over the course of a couple of pints is sort those issues out and then you will be amazed at how well you will retain information for those exams.”

Preframing the Presuppositions

If you have read the other articles in this series I expect you can already see how this is shaping up. Anyway once I met the student in the bar I would start with something like:

“Before we begin remember we have set aside a whole two pints for our discussions just in case there are any big issues. I used to do this in one pint but I had one guy whose issues were so large we had to take another pint over it. So just to be safe I now just have the two pint rule. We will most likely finish before the end of the first pint but the second is there as an emergency measure.

Here is what will happen. We will talk, mainly I will ask you questions. Some may not seem as relevant as others but I am not so much interested in your answers but the structure of your thoughts and how you put those thoughts together to get to the answers you get to. I am operating on the basis of training you to think things differently and restructure the way that you get to the thoughts that you get to.

That has a fundamental shift in the way that you process information and your ability to retain and use information. Does THIS MAKES SENSE <pause and nod until they confirm>”

When I say things like that they seem very logical and a quite smart way of working. Obviously written done you can see some of the holes in what I am saying, but in the years of saying this to probably a thousand plus people the only objections I have ever had have been people picking it apart from a recording or the written word.

In short I have said I am going to ask you questions and the nature of thinking through those questions will mean that you have changed the way that you are thinking. And then got you to agree that.

The “How Do We Know It Has Worked?” Preframe

Once this has been done I add;

“Most people at this time are thinking, “But how do I know it has worked?” so let me save you the bother of asking that question. You are interested in knowing the answer to that aren’t you?”

Quite frankly I don’t care if they were thinking that or not because if they weren’t they will be now…and it gives me the opportunity to give them some very direct instructions. But before we move on notice that this is my favourite form of pacing and leading. I will give the reader a suggestion, let them think that was what they were thinking all along and then pace that. It is a cross between pacing and leading and can be a massive rapport builder.

Moving on here is the sort of thing I would say to install some direct instructions;

“Some people know because you can feel the changes inside. Up to the point where they suddenly feel different or get a blinding insight about something. You’ve had that happen before haven’t you? Other people just become quietly confident and you just know that you have changed. You know the sorts of things you are quietly confident about, like walking for example, you are confident that you can do that without being flashy or show offy about it. Imagine being like that about studying.

Other people don’t know that you have changed at all and you may have to prove that to yourself. The way you can do that is after we have finished here go back to your room, study something light for an hour or so and then rest for the night. Tomorrow morning test yourself, realise that you are retaining much more than you are used to, get excited about that then make a point of seeking me out to tomorrow to tell me how well this has worked. Can you do that for me because the feedback is really good for me as well?

But whichever of these you are feeling take that as a sign that it is working now.

Okay, before we start properly do you have any questions or are we sorted and you have everything in place.”

If you think this is a trance induction you would be right but recognise that it started right at the beginning of the conversation and it is just a continuation of the induction that started when they first asked for my help. Also recognise the I / You shifts in my language, the embedded commands (I have not marked them out as I think they are obvious when you look for them) and the post hypnotic suggestions that I am layering in.

Breaking State and Reinstalling those Direct Instructions

At this point using my voice and any distractions I can I will break the trance state. I might even have a toilet break or anything to get the student out of the trance and distracted again. I am doing this so that I can hit them with the next trance induction. So after a suitable break I will say something like;

“Okay we are almost ready to begin and before we do I think it helpful to just summarise what we have discussed. We have agreed that:

  • It is likely that it is only some small tweaks in the way that you are thinking that when you change you will be able to study more effectively
  • But if it takes the full two pint session to do it you are happy to take that long to get the result
  • Our markers for success are that you might feel different right now as you are thinking this through or you might not just yet or it might be something in between but we can take that as a sign that you are changing
  • You will do a little light revision tonight after we have finished
  • And then tomorrow morning notice just how much you have changed
  • Finally find me tomorrow and tell me about how differently you feel about studying and the exams

Is that a fair summation of where we are going <nodding vigorously until they agree>?”

When I started out doing this I would then have a two pint discussion on study skills, memory techniques and covertly bolster their confidence. The more I did this and the more I refined the preframe conversations I was having the more I started testing how much content was necessary. As you can probably guess very little content was ever necessary to improve their study skills.

Doing This for Yourself

Let me make that more explicit. So long as we had the conversation above and the student had agreed the presuppositions it did not matter what we discussed as far as the content goes. Sure it makes sense to stay on topic but when I’ve been testing this I have pushed it to the furthest boundaries and it has still worked.  I have even had students come up and tell me that I am a genius for being able to wrap all those study skills techniques into a rant about how poor season 17 of Doctor Who was or the state of politics in India or whatever was my personal grudge for the day.

The real key though is for you to scan through the many elements of hypnotic persuasion that I’ve introduced over the last three articles on two different levels. The first is to spot what I am doing. And trust me there is a lot more than I am telling you. But I’ve made much of it as obvious as I can. And the second level is looking at this with a view to changing and tweaking it to your purposes

It may seem a little daunting. That is because I have chucked a lot of information at you over the last few days. If it would help seeing me deliver my training version of this and have it fully broken down so you can follow along word for word then I have that available for you. I have the whole thing transcribed from a course, along with my notes as to what, how and why I am doing what I am doing.

It’s ready for you in the Persuasion Skills on Steroids Deconstructed Course along with suggestions on how to adapt the approach for different situations and how to break it down to practice until it becomes an automatic process. Currently it is on offer and I am also giving the actual videos so you can see me delivering it. Click through and have a look here but remember this is a time limited bonus so click through and read about it here:




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