Accelerated Learning Part Three: Using Emotions to Learn

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This third video on Accelerated Learning with NLP and Hypnosis we delve further into the concept of emotions and how they impact the learning state.

Learning to Punch People with a Smile on Your Face

In the video, you will learn how you can learn a phobia and more importantly how you can break a phobia down to “unlearn” it. We discuss the impact of different states for martial arts some back door methods for learning states and touch on modelling.

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2 Comments on “Accelerated Learning Part Three: Using Emotions to Learn”

  1. Bob

    Great job with this video.
    Seems as if politicians should use
    these concepts to prepare for ‘stress’ – type
    interviews by hostile interviewers.

    Obviously, each of us has our ‘feared’ situations
    and could prepare to laugh and be relaxed for them too.

    George Leonard’s book “The Way of Aikido” has a fascinating
    concept “Owning Your World” which I’ve employed. You might
    find it of interest too. Here’s the link to

    1. Rintu Basu

      Thanks Bob,

      I would have had the book by now if it were on kindle. At least I have it on order. And yes when I take people through presentation skills or public speaking type stuff, particularly in an adversarial environment I do get them to run through this sort of an approach.

      I don’t often go about punching my clients but there are a lot of linguistic reframes you can use to see the situation in a better light and relax to have fun with it.

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