Strikes, Pensions and Hypnotic Language

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If anyone has any doubt as to how fast you can learn to deliver hypnotic language patterns send them to this article. Here you will discover exactly how quickly you can pick up a pattern and make use of it.

How much practice do you need to be effective?

By the looks of the email below you can get results almost immediately from reading the material. As you will find out in a moment the issue isn’t the content, it is about how that content is structured for you to get the result. Let’s have a look at the email first:

From: John
Sent: 23 November 15:03
To: Rintu
Subject: A quick result with


Hi Rintu!

I just thought I would share an experience I had no less than 12 hours after reading chapter 1 of your book!

I walk in to the union leader’s office where I work at to discuss the proposed strike taking place due to the restructuring of civil service pensions. We get into a debate about whether I will strike or not. As I am a self-employed locum I don’t have a civil service pension therefore I will not strike but I don’t wish to cross the picket line.

This led on to a discussion about why I don’t have a civil service pension. The union leader was giving me reason after reason to pay into the pension. This guy is known for not backing down in an argument. I said the following line and he just completely agreed with me:

“The issue isn’t that I think the pension is not still attractive despite the current restructuring, the issue is that before I retire in 20 years I can’t say this situation won’t happen a number of times again, and for that reason I don’t think it’s a safe bet”

Now I’m not sure if I am actually even correct on this point I just wanted to use the language pattern and surprisingly he just completely backed down haha!



What makes this a brilliant result for me is that John improvises a pattern in the middle of a conversation and when he is actually faced with someone trying to convince him in a different direction. Despite all of this John throws a pattern out there and gets a result.

With Accelerated Learning Content is Never the Issue

When I was delivering a lot of training I would structure the learning so that you got the content in several different directions. If we were taking about language I would make sure that you were pre-taught the material on an unconscious level before you thought we had started.

You would then spend time consciously and unconsciously understanding how the pattern worked, what you can use it for and then getting used to saying it. The next part would be using the pattern in conversations as often as possible. All of this can be done in a training room. The final part is then taking it out in to the real world and using it with some innocent member of the public.

The reason this works is not because of my content despite how good it is, it is because I am taking you through a very structured learning process that I have taken years to develop. The great thing is that a lot of this process is covert, unconscious and often trance inducing so you as a member of the audience may never pick up that structure consciously.

I have developed this approach in written form in the Persuasion Skills Black Book; it is why people like John are writing in with spectacular results with little effort. I have structured the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme in a similar fashion so you can take this high quality downloadable course and dramatically improve your hypnotic persuasion skills. But the way this works best is live in a training course.

Hypnotic Transformation Live

I don’t like to work too hard and as much as I love face to face training it is a lot of work. I have to get people on courses and then I have to deliver training in the multilevel approach. Take it the right way I love doing this but it is hard work, I have to design the structure of the course, I have to practice the covert skills and on the day I have to maintain enough flexibility to use what the audience gives me and attach it to the learning point. It is hard work and it is why I only deliver a handful of courses a year.

For Hypnotic Transformations Live by the end of the session the delegates will be able to:

    • Talk a prospect into a trance several times in a normal conversation
    • Elicit deep unconscious values and beliefs conversationally from anyone
    • Leverage deep unconscious values and beliefs to motivate people
    • Manage conversations to give your audience the illusion of choice whilst constantly driving them to your main point.

But what is even more significant is that as part of this course I am offering you a bonus report and video that will show you the structure of how I deliver training courses and how you can use this way of thinking in any persuasion context. But let’s not stop there I am only one of four great hypnotists delivering great content on the day. You can find out more about Hypnotic Transformations Live here:



After I emailed John to seek his approval to publish his email I got this response:

From: John
Sent: 23 November 18:18
To: Rintu
Subject: Re A quick result with

Hi Rintu,

 With regards to using my example of your pattern, the issue isn’t whether you can use it for your blog or not, of course you can! The issue is do you think it would be best now, or in 5 weeks time to send me the free version of the advanced persuasion course that according to your website you kindly donate to the creators of patterns that you publish?

I will leave that decision in your very capable hands 😉

 Kind Regards


After reading this I was thinking about what really makes the difference that makes the difference. It is obvious to me and I hope to anyone reading John’s emails that he is already very persuasive and developing his skills well. I think one thing that shines through with John is that he is confident, prepared to play with his new found tools and willing to take a risk or two. What if you could build that into your persuasive personality?

Not that John needs it but on the Advanced Persuasion Patterns Programme that I have just subscribed him on actually takes you through a process to hypnotically develop this sort of confidence. I think I will add that as another bonus for when you book on Hypnotic Transformations Live.

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