The Power of Belief: Accelerated Learning Part Two

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This is part of a miniseries on an NLP and Hypnosis Approach to Accelerated Learning. This video focuses on the importance of beliefs and how they impact learning.

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Belief is Just a Perspective

We use our beliefs to filter our experiences. We tend to register the experiences that support our beliefs and ignore or reframe the ones that don’t. This can have a huge impact in a learning environment. You could turn any course of study into something really easy or into a complete nightmare. This video will give you some more depth to the issue.

Beliefs are an Illusion

We take on beliefs based on experience, it doesn’t even have to be our own experience and then we reinforce them by viewing the world through the filter of those beliefs. This makes people think that they are hard to change, or they are fixed and immutable. But really many of our beliefs change on a moment by moment basis. Try this for a moment think about a skill or ability that you are good at. It could be anything, you might be a good singer or cook, perhaps you are good at getting into arguments or forgetting your keys, it could be anything really.

Ask yourself how do you know you are good at that thing. My best guess is that you will say you have a lot of reference experience. Basically, you will be able to cite lots of times you achieved whatever the skill that you are thinking about. Now consider something that you are not good at and would like to be good at. Now just as a flight of fantasy imagine over a period of time doing the skill, firstly not very well and gradually over time you start to do it better and better until eventually you create enough reference experiences to be confident just like the skill that you are good at.

Just have a go at imagining doing that. Again my guess is if you do that exercise you will get one of two results. You might suddenly realise that developing that skill is just a series of having a go and building the references until you are confident or you will go I can’t or I won’t.

I can’t or I won’t

I can’t is the limiting belief and we have lots of NLP Techniques that we can use to change that.

I won’t is a version of I am not willing to pay the price or it is not worth investing the energy in developing the skill. There might be limiting beliefs behind that but it might also be that this is not something you really want to do.

I often do that with people that want to play musical instruments. I know ten minutes a day over a hundred days will turning you into a functioning musician from a standing start. Okay a great musician, a professional musician a true master is going to put 8in far more effort than that…but we all start somewhere and if I can get you doing ten minutes a day for one hundred days you will comfortably be a competent amateur and have a foundation to go as far as you want to take it.

Many of the people I say this to run away at this point because they didn’t really want to make the effort to be a musician.

Belief Changes

You can search through this website as there are a number of articles on belief changes and we will come back to that subject later in this series. If you want to make sure that you get all the videos and articles in this series sign up here:

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2 Comments on “The Power of Belief: Accelerated Learning Part Two”

  1. John

    Hi Rintu,

    Ive invested in your material over the past 12 months , Thank you.

    I must say although you have covered States, Beliefs in other videos this is one of the best, possibly because Im starting a new course in University soon and my belief is that Im not good at learning and Im going to find it difficult.

    My beliefs are already beginning to change after watching this video

    Thanks , and Keep the content coming


    1. Rintu Basu

      Thanks for the thought John,

      And yes you have caught me. Well done. There is a subtext running here that is about covertly tweaking the reader’s beliefs here. Often with things like this it is easier to change the belief when people don’t know that they are changing their beliefs.

      Obviously the further down the rabbit hole we go the more of this is going to happen because I am leveraging on that idea.

      Hope that makes sense.

      Glad it helps and there is a lot more to come. For me, the next two videos are the payoff for this section.



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