Finding Proper Job Security

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Often people worry about things like job security when solutions can be easy to find. Here is someone finding a good solution in a competitive industry.

Be Good at the Job?

This is something I have been told by many people. But this is not the best advice. Being good at your job is an expectation most employers have. Put yourself in their shoes for a moment, if you had the choice would you spend money employing someone who isn’t good at the job?

Just being good doesn’t mean the job is secure. Business relies on a whole lot of factors and many people who have been exceptionally brilliant at their jobs have been made redundant before now. Also I have seen many people passed over for jobs whilst less qualified and skilled people have been employed in their stead.

So how can you develop job security?

The short answer is the best way to be secure in a role is to ensure you have skills that are in demand and that you can present yourself in a way that meets those demands. Here is an email I received the other day that show R moving towards that level of job security:

From: R
To: Rintu
Subject: Thank you
Date: 3th Sep 17:36
Message Body:
Dear Rintu,
I just wanted to write and thank you (once again!) for your book, “Persuasion Skills Black Book Of Job-Hunting Techniques”. I have used this book several times in the last couple of years and I believe it has greatly contributed to my recent job-hunting success.
As someone working in a very competitive industry, I have had a LOT of job interviews over the years, with varying degrees of success, but I have found your book to be an invaluable resource at improving my general interview technique. Since reading it and applying the skills therein, I have really managed to get a handle on nerves for the first time in my life and to really feel like I am taking covert control of the interview process. I have now used the book four times and been the second-choice candidate on two of those occasions, which I think is largely down to applying these skills. On the fourth and last occasion, I finally nailed myself the job! I utilised techniques like “big and beaming” and the peripheral vision exercise, as well as preparing my five interview answers well in advance. As a result, I felt almost instant rapport with the interviewees at the first interview and the second interview was a breeze.
In fact, the senior manager at the first interview called me ahead of the second interview to let me know, off the record, that they wanted to offer me the job but felt I should go through the “formality” of a second interview and test anyway. So I knew, pretty much, that it was in the bag after interview number one, when they hadn’t even seen any evidence of what I could do! I think this is largely down to your book and I thank you wholeheartedly for contributing to my success. Even though it didn’t help me to get the first job I tried it out on, I think it has massively boosted my confidence each time and I will keep it very much to hand for my next move.
Best wishes,

 Imagine the situation when you have a set of skills that employers need and you have the ability to present those skills in a way that companies understand how you meet their needs? From this stand point job security is something you can be happy about because it is about you and your skills and not about any particular company has a job for you.

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2 Comments on “Finding Proper Job Security”

  1. Cristina

    Dear Rintu,

    Thank you for your article ! It is like I wanted very much you to write again about your amaizing book.


    You know I fallow your news since many years and at that time I didn´t knew how or why..but now I know!

    After my relocation in another country ( Germany)
    I have asked myself how I can find a dream job _ I have found myself in a critical situation when the only chance it was I to ignore my life circumstances and to believe in a miracle:-)

    ..and My chance has been to read one and so important !news letter found from you ,when you informed us about the book:

    “Persuasion Skills for job Hunting Techniques”

    I have quickly purchased to have your Book
    from Amazon and afterwards read it .

    It was first time when I heard about the power of persuasion on job hunting.

    I trusted every of your word and apply it adequately. I canceled all my previous method in
    job hunting arena and believe exclusive on your
    brilliant method.

    The results have been over my expectation.

    After prospecting , sent my CV to several companies on a desired industry and from 5 time submit my CV ( with your method) received 3 calls
    for interview in one week!

    You cannot even imagine my joy and enthusiasm!
    The only think it was like ..this time whom I to choose from all 3 good companies.

    To make now my story short -being invited for a
    first interview to a very famous company , I have been prepared with the questions ( step by step from your chapter about :How to answer the most difficult interview questions )

    I totally forget about the native german speaking concurrence and after boosting my confidence with your technique I have proud step in the office .

    After half of hour interview they have told me already that I have to whatch for their news on the next days and I did.

    In four days received and mail for another final interview . I could´t believe my eyes and now
    since half of year I am working for them in an excellent environment and I feel that it is indeed my dream job.

    Thank you so much, Rintu!

    I deeply believe that without reading your fascinating book and apply your job hunting techniques I couldn´t succeed to be hired in such
    a famous company.

    Best of my greetings to you ,


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