Using NLP to Make Money in the Info Business

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The other day I was talking to a guy about The Persuasion Skills Black Book and how it is reaching various heights on best seller lists. The automatic response I got back was, “Wow, you must be a millionaire!”

Will a best seller make you wealthy?

Trust me, I am a long way from that at the moment and I would not expect this book to get me there on its own. There is an erroneous idea that a best seller means riches. The reality is a lot further from the truth, and take this the right way a best seller can do a lot of good things for you and even set you on the track for that first million…but on it’s own it is unlikely even provide enough to give up the day job.

I don’t need to spend time explaining all the issues. Debs and Joe, my publishers have explained it all exceptionally well on a short video introduction for the Publishing Academy.

Can I be an Infopreneur?

If you have watched the video you will already understand the Publishing Ladder of Success and how you can become one of the 12 in a million wealthy authors. Using a few simple NLP ideas you can make this an easy, straightforward journey. I also believe this is one of the easiest businesses to start, grow and maintain.

With the right focus everyone has skills, insights and ideas that could be turned into successful books…and when I say books in the multimedia age you have lots of different ways of delivering that information to your audience such as audio / video recordings, webinars and teleconferences and probably a whole host of things I have not yet considered. It has never been easier to create information products and reach an audience.

Over the next couple of blog posts I will share some key NLP Applications on how anyone can create a successful info product that makes you money. If you are interested in the whole process then the place to start is The Wealthy Author. This book brilliantly deconstructs the whole process of how to get book ideas right through how to make good money from it. It was written by Debbie Jenkins and Joe Gregory, my publishers and I know from first hand just how much they know about the publishing industry.

But wait! Don’t buy the book until you have seen the special offer. Buying the Wealthy Author also entitles you to 30 days free access to The Publishing Academy Website. On this site you will get insider secrets on how to easily create and maintain a multi-million dollar info based business, or just decide to write a best selling book.

In the next post I will share with you how many authors, infopreneurs and business owners subtly but completely miss the point, never reach the success that is easily achievable and how simple NLP Techniques can put you on track for mega bucks.

Finally if you are starting to see a route to making money through your specialism and expertise have a look at this offer for The Wealthy Author.

If you don’t yet realise how easy it is to come up with book ideas for you to start your info empire just sign up for Joe and Debs second video where you will see how you can come up with a hundreds of best selling book ideas in less than an hour. Here is the link.

2 Comments on “Using NLP to Make Money in the Info Business”

  1. Pulqui Menchaca

    I am truly impressed with the broad content of your blog. It is obvious that you know you subject matter and you are passionate about it. If only I had your writing ability I have bookmarked your site and look forward to additional updates.

  2. Pablo Vázquez

    Hi, Rintu.

    I have just made a comment on this entry on FB -all those who are not there, what are you waiting for? The people is friendly, the topics are interesting…

    Well, the thing is that I was tempted to copy & paste my comment here and I will do such a thing, but explaining my points with some more detail.

    Regarding “The Wealthy Author” I have a copy of that book which I will read and review in the next few days.

    Anyway, I have gone through its pages very quickly, read some paragraphs here and there and made my first impression. Wanna know more about it? Then wait a minute…

    To become a best seller you have to be published. And before you have to write a book. And even before you have to choose a topic, a market niche, etc. Ah, of course, and don´t forget about the necessary tools and skills you are supposed to know and have. So becoming a best seller seems too complicated…… Más información

    Well, I´m sure it seems hard and even impossible and it´s because of that that I wanna add just one more thing: it´s not! It´s not, of course, as long as you have a blueprint, a sort of map of the treasure. And where can you find a map like that? Who has it? Jim? Long John Silver maybe?

    No, my friends, should that map exist, it´s under the cover of “The Wealthy Author”: a must for any future writer.

    It guides you from the begining of the writing process -which begins even before you are in fron of your keyboard- to the moment where you have to deal with marketing and PR issues -which are essential to become a best seller author like Rintu.

    So, if any of the readers of this site is thinking about getting published and so… The Wealthy Author, once more, is the only book you need. Before your own, this is. 🙂

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