Hypnotic Language Patterns on the Internet

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People have asked me if hypnotic language is being used on the internet and how is it being used. This article is about answering some of that.

The truth of the matter hypnosis has been used for a lot longer than the phrase hypnosis has been around. There are many different definitions of what hypnosis is. As such I will just talk about it as a methodology for altering your state of consciousness.

An Altered State of Consciousness

I know many hypnotists that will tell you that this is not a definition of hypnosis. I would have to agree with them and I am going to use it anyway. If you have strong feelings on the subject please feel free to deal with it in the privacy of your own mind.

Have you ever been engrossed in what you are doing to the point where you have lost all sense of time? Or are so stressed that you can’t think clearly? Or so absorbed in a book or film that it is like you are in the mind of the lead character and lose yourself in the plot? Have you ever thought of an idea and get so caught up in the possibilities that you spend the next few minutes living in a hypothetical future?

I would call these different states of consciousness and hypnosis is a process to capture and lead the mind to different states of consciousness. You could do this with a piece of music, a picture, an article or a video. And you might have noticed that there are all of these things littering the internet.

I think the question is not so much are people doing this, but much more are people doing this effectively?

For me, the best hypnotists are the once that can lead you through a process. They will pick you up from whatever state of mind you are in and lead you through a common journey towards an end goal. A great film does this. The beginning of the film is spent getting you to identify with the main characters, establishing the threat or challenge and then you go through the journey of how the threat changes the characters as they overcome the challenge.

A Storytelling Journey

While this is an oversimplification of storytelling think about a few of your favourite films and notice that this is exactly what happens. So long as the storyteller is following the process, the only issue is if the audience are connected with the genre. I like sci fi action adventures, so if you give me a mushy rom-com I am unlikely to connect with it.

Sales Letters, A Story to Sell

Have a look at sales letters or watch some video sales letters on the internet. The best are great enjoyable reads. They identify a problem and get the reader attached to the problem. They will build the consequences of both not solving and solving the problem as well as the pros and cons of different ways of solving the problem. Eventually ending in presenting their product and why that works the most effectively.

The best sales letters will use the same storytelling devices as a film or book and are enormously entertaining.

Any article you choose to read, including this one, uses the same techniques. Have a quick scan back through this article and notice how I am leading you on a journey through a series of points. I would be more effective if we were face to face and we could interact and I could adapt my approach based on your responses.

But even still we are still using hypnotic principles in this article. It is just that I guess at where the reader might be regarding the process.

The Lancaster Persuasion Skills Lecture

So I hope that you can see based on my definition of hypnosis there is a lot of it going on, and in multiple forms all over the internet. The only question is how effective are they at using it. For me, the issue is do you have a process for leading people from where they are to where you want to get them?

If you want a demonstration of a process working effectively have a look at the Lancaster University Lecture Deconstructed. Not only do you get to see the impact of hypnotic influence on an audience but you will have the whole process deconstructed and explained to you. And through some smart hypnotic accelerated learning techniques and a few simple exercises you could easily double or triple your persuasive ability on or of the internet. Find out more here:


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