Hypnotic Language Patterns to Get Perfect Customer Service

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A graduate of my NLP practitioner course had an experience that demonstrates the power of NLP hypnotic language patterns. 

Using NLP persuasion tactics to get what you want

Here is that process deconstructed.

NLP Practitioner Graduate, John McKinstry

John McKinstry graduated from his NLP Practitioner Course a few years ago and is regularly practising and applying NLP Techniques. He is a training consultant and a best selling author. He has a range of books in production but you can get his first book Anger Management in the Office on Amazon both in the UK and Amazon.com.


Recently John had been having some trouble with his mobile phone leading to several calls with the airtime provider and even a visit to one of their shops.  Each of these contacts proved fruitless, annoying and were getting John increasingly angry about the situation.  He then took the situation in hand and got a great result.  This is his story and I will apply some comments about specific NLP Techniques and concepts at the end.

“After several horrendous experiences with the airtime provider I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere other than more angry.  I decided I would give their call centre one last chance to put it right.

Firstly I made sure that I knew what I wanted as a result.  This was quite easy as it is fairly straightforward, I wanted my phone fixed.  The next thing I did was let go of all my anger so I could speak calmly professionally and with persuasion.  Before I made the call I made sure that I knew the patterns that I was going to apply.

When I got through to the call centre the first thing I said to the agent was something like “at the moment you have a very angry customer on the line who may well want to cancel your service because of what I have been through.  How would you like to make that customer a very happy man and willing to sing the praises of your company?”

The agent’s response was “of course I would” and I responded “great then all you need to do is…”  I explained clearly and succinctly what I needed.  From there this call centre agent moved heaven and earth to give me what I wanted.  The service was so good that I later spoke to the agent’s manager to praise him and he later got a quality service award.”

This is a brilliant example of how persuasion skills should work and here are a few points that are worthy of note.

State Control and NLP Persuasion Skills

Most people would recognize that when they are angry that their skills diminish.  The reason behind this is that your brain will have activated a fight or flight response. This inhibits your creativity, your spontaneity and restricts your options to either fight or flight.  For persuasion skills to work well you need to be in a position where you have the most flexibility, the most creativity and the ability to react in any given direction.  John did exactly the right thing by letting go of the anger before dealing with the problem.

Planning for Hypnotic Persuasion Techniques

The preplanning the John went through is excellent.  It he started off by working out exactly what he wanted.  One of the key issues in persuasion skills is a persuasion engineer not really knowing what they want as an outcome.  Although not explicit in John’s comments simply by his actions I know he took this next, very vital step.  He considered the benefits to the other person for doing what he wanted.

NLP Hypnotic Persuasion Patterns

The pattern John used is a very elegant version of the first pattern you learn on the Free Persuasion Skills eCourse.  The pattern, called a redefine, can be described simple as,  “the issue isn’t X, it’s Y and would you like to fix it?”

John led the agent into the current situation, he then explained how the situation could be (covertly giving the agent the benefits as well).  John then asked the question, “would you prefer that?”  This is a presuppositional question and the concept is fully explored in later persuasion skills lessons.  For the moment it is fairly obvious that the answer to this question can only really be “yes” and that it starts  sealing the commitment of the agent.

John then explains explicitly what the agent has to do to achieve this result.  Although John doesn’t state above that he ends his description with another question I would hope he said something like “are you prepared to help me do this?”  This is another presuppositional question and if answered with a yes would seal the commitment of the agent even further.

John, thanks for giving us the opportunity to deconstruct this little piece of NLP hypnotic language patterns in the real world.  It is an excellent illustration of how persuasion skills should work.  Both parties got a terrific win-win result.

Hypnotic Persuasion, more than just a Language Pattern

We have focused just on the linguistic elements of this example.  You might want to bear in mind that a good NLP practitioner course will show you how to let go of negative emotions, think in terms of process as well as built a rapport face to face and over the phone instantly.  All of these things had bearing on John situation. And incidentally John is not the only practitioner from my course that has gone on to become a best selling author and dramatic career success.

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  1. John McK

    As a follow on to this example I have started trying to emphaise some of these techniques when I train the Customer Service teams. It has already helped make the situations seem (as one delegate put it) “more achievable!”.

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