NLP Coaching and how to Preframe your Clients for Better Results

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When I used to coach regularly I had a reputation for getting results super-fast, powerful and I had a full book of clients without really working at it. There is a trick to it that I will explain in this article. And by the way this works for any client based work whether coaching, training, hypnotherapy and even consulting.


The glib, simple response to getting a full books of clients that are desperate for your services has everything to do with positioning and preframing your prospects and clients. Imagine for a moment your clients and prospects saw you as the best and only option for a solution to a really pressing problem. How long do you think it would take you to fill your books with valuable, worthwhile clients that are desperate to hand over their money to work with you?

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How Not to Build a Following

There are lots of different ways of creating that positioning but here are just a few ways of not doing it that I’ve seen. Trying to appeal to too many different people. Compare for example a life coach vs say an Accelerated Learning Exam buster Coach. If you had struggling grades and needed to get through an exam which would you go to? How about a hypnotherapist or a stop smoking through hypnosis coach if you wanted to stop smoking?

Now some people argue against me on this issue saying that by niching in this way means that you lose some clients that might have come to you but rule themselves out because they are not seeking solutions in the niche you have picked. They may well be right but I also know by specialising you are more easily identifiable and you can more easily identify your customers as well as start using language in ways that they will understand.

There are also other benefits from specialising in this way. Your audience sees you as having some sort of expertise. And as you deal more with their issues you actually do tend to gain niche specific expertise. You can also start to develop preframes, stories and inductions that deal with their specific types of problems, objections and start the intervention a long time before they get to the problem.

For example when I do see clients they will have been through several trance inductions and had a lot of beliefs reframed before they have told me anything about the problem. This means when it gets to dealing with the issue it is almost like it has miraculously gone before they have even started to discuss it.

If you would like to know how to do this as a coach, trainer, hypnotist, counsellor or consultant then I give all of my secrets away on the Trancey Coaching Conversations course. But before I send you to look at that course let me tell why I am super excited about that course at the moment.

Trancey Coaching Conversations gives you lots of strategies for client handling as well as all of the preframes, trance inductions and hypnotic language that I use. But the reality is most of it really works well because of a whole lot of preframing that I do before my clients actually meet me.

This happens because of the website, the download courses and specifically the books that I have authored. As part of the course I have included my strategy for creating information products quickly and easily. But here is the kicker.

The best information products are books. And now my publisher Joe Gregory and co-author of the Wealthy Author has given me permission to give away a copy of his book as a bonus on this course. What that means is on the Trancey Coaching Conversations Course you not only get my process for rapidly creating content but you also get a step by step how to explanation of how to turn that content into a bestselling how to book that you can use to grow your business. Find out more right here:



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