Selling using NLP Anchoring Techniques

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This is a short video clip of me demonstrating some spatial anchoring type thing that is an easy to use, highly adaptable persuasion pattern that you can use.

This video clip comes from the Trancey Coaching Conversations Course that I have just realeased. In this clip you will see me (over) demonstrating a particular pattern I love using in any context where I have two or more options to present to my client.

On the Trancey Coaching Conversations course I demonstrate a variety of covert trance inductions I use with coaching clients that set up the preframes for perfect coaching sessions as well as how I build them into the sales process. You will also see me develop this way of anchoring to look at time line interventions, overcoming objections and generally using anchoring approaches to support your conversations.

You can find out more about the course here:

metaheads-800x482Trancey Coaching Conversations


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