Using NLP to Develop Products that Sell

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I spend a lot of time with people starting businesses and developing products. There is one key trap that really stops a lot of people being successful that I meet all the time.

Using NLP applications to make sure you products sell

In this post I am going to outline the problem and the solution.

Will my product sell?

I will outline the problem in terms of writing books and creating info products because this is the market I am in most often but this problem is something that comes up in every time of business and market.

I am often faced with people that either have a product that clearly has no market or is too general to market to anyone. The key issue is that designers, inventors and developers if they are not careful will tend to create products that suit themselves rather than looking at their market needs.

The result can be having a product that only sells to a market of one…i.e. yourself. And the problem with that is you already have a working prototype so even you wouldn’t buy another.

NLP Solutions

I have recently outlined the whole process of speed creating information products. This starts from having ideas right through creating the product and finishing with the foundations of developing a sales process.

As an example of how powerful the system is I created a product that I know will sell well in less than 16 hours. Currently it is part of the Publishing Academy website where you can find me and other successful authors spilling the beans on how to write best selling book and live on the profit.

The key issue is before even thinking of creating a product it makes sense to find a market and understand what their needs are. You then create a product to meet those needs. The key to creating a best selling product is about getting to see the world through the eyes of your customers and understanding their needs. Perceptual position is an excellent NLP exercise to help you do this.

Using NLP Techniques in the Real World

Whilst this seems like a great solution many people have already created a product, or already have a fixed view on what they want to sell as their product and are looking for a market to sell it in. In my next post I will give you a case study of how a simple change in thinking can make a big difference.

In the mean time if you want an entire blueprint of how to do work this process with books then have a look at The Wealthy Author. Joe Gregory and Debbie Jenkins in this book show you exactly how you can find a market, write a best seller for that market and then develop the whole thing into a lifetime of profit.

The best thing about The Wealthy Author is not just how information packed the book is but the fact that you also get 30 days free on to try out The Publishing Academy. On the Publishing Academy site you will find several successful authors as well as me giving you high quality information on how to make a great living out of books and information products. Here is a link to The Wealthy Author so you can see for yourself right now.

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  1. Josh

    Hi Rintu,
    I am 19 and have been enjoying your post’s, I really would like to take a course in NLP, but I recently got laid off as a result of the company losing money, so now i have the time to study but not the money, would I be able to use NLP to help me find work? If so how?
    Thanks for all your help.
    Josh, UK

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